Laser Time – Gross Toys


When we were kids puke, slime and boogers were big business. In this episode Laser Time asks the most important question of our time: Where have all the gross toys gone?!


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20 thoughts on “Laser Time – Gross Toys

  1. Yippy! I hope you address every 90s era father’s concern: DON’T GET THAT SHIT ON THE CARPET.

  2. I wish you guys had explored more gross stuff from the 70s 80s and 90s and gone less on a personal gross stories tangent. even though it was fun hearing Dave and Diana be very unguarded and grossly funny. they’re normally just dry witty funny or punny.

    hmm, I’m honestly not sure if this whole curmudgeon Chris is a bit or if you’re really turning into a grumpy old man at 35! you’re only 35 man! you don’t even have kids, calm the fuck down yelling at millennials. that’s just weird man. weird. how is this supposed to be a pop culture hub of awesomeness if you’re pulling up the blinders to an entire chunk of what’s been making pop culture in the last two decades so much fun? aaanyhoo, might I remind you (while you’re calling people millennials YOU are in fact right at the leading cusp of what ARE considered millennials. you might remember a lot of 80’s shit, but you were still in diapers for most of it, so shut tha fugg up yelling at kids. XD

    1. It’s a bit dear, just give me one more week with it and you’ll never hear from it again. If you find yourself so offended you have to stop listening to the show, well… YOU MIGHT BE A MILLENNIAL! *Applause/publishes book*

      1. Nothing on this earth screams ‘millennial’ like getting offended INSTANTLY. Chris, I’m offering some solidarity here from a fellow mid-30’s disillusioned shit-head.

      2. As a grumpy 34 year old man, I kind of like the millennial rants. Especially when they were ragging on Chris for plsying old games.

      3. oh no, I’m not offended, just worried that you were turning into a grouchy old man before my eyes way too early. I’m also definitely not a millennial, I’m damn near almost 40 in a few years. gross. eff my life. I was just worried is all, this show and the one before it have always been so open to everyone even though you guys nostalgia tripped a lot. I just hate to see you close the front gate of your mind and stop being all about pop culture awesomeness.
        *wipes sweat from forehead*

  3. I sneezed a snot bubble onto my leg in class, tried to hide it but eventuall it was called out by another kid so I had to awkwardly get up to get rid of it in front of everyone.

    Also I have swallowed my own vomit to not throw up in my Aunts van.

  4. I still have my Boglin, they were pretty amazing toys at the time. The articulation on the face was pretty cool because you could make them look around and blink and stuff as well as open and close its mouth. Also the eyes glowed in the dark.

    I had mine in the original crate package with the bent plastic bars on the front that Chris mentioned. I was disappointed that the later models just had a cellophane front instead of bars and seemed to just be the same characters but with hair added or a different paint job. Also those Mini ones were a bit rubbish too.

    I kinda wish they would remake these, I don’t think there’s been a toy like it since.

    1. Also, I seem to recall that once you got all the “organs” in, almost none of the slime would fit. Nowhere near as much slime as shown in the commercial.

  5. Great episode, it’s nice to hear some of the less regular Laser Time guests back. Chris, you’ve been on great form for the past few weeks, it’s good to hear especially after you talked about being in a bit of a slump around the start of the year. Keep it up!

  6. I’m 100% a millennial (I think born in 1990 counts in that range), but it’s really weird how I recognize a lot of these toys. This podcast made me realize how cheap my parents were for buying a lot of my toys from yard sales.

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