See How The Justice League’s New Ride Compares To Other DC Coasters


Though it feels like this should’ve happened a very long time ago, the Justice League finally has their own ride. But how good is it?

Well, here’s another one for me to bring up on the next episode of Cape Crisis. Six Flags over Texas, located in Arlington, TX – not to be confused with Arlen, TX – will open a brand new ride this week – Justice League: The Battle For Metropolis. This theme park attraction has been in the works for some time now, and opens to the public May 23 (season pass holders can ride 2 days early). It’s a 4D experience, which based on the below video means it’s one of those fancy indoor rides with projected screens, a bit like Disneyland’s Toy Story Midway Mania, though hopefully not as stupid. Get a look for yourself…

That Joker sounds a bit like someone doing an okay Mark Hamill imitation, though couldn’t they get Troy Baker? The CG in the shooting sections looks ok, and the animatronic Joker shooting Joker Toxin at riders looks pretty damn sweet. It also looks to follow the same plot as every other ‘ride the movies’ attraction. I’m betting at some point, Superman says, “What are you people doing here? It’s too dangerous– augh!” and then Lex Luthor threatens the people in the car. Battle For Metropolis has all the biggest members, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg – sorry Aquaman. Sadly, Kal-el is without his red underpants, which still bums me out even four years after the New 52.

[UPDATE: As aimbotmaster points out in the comments, it looks to have a little in common with the Australian ride Justice League: Alien Invasion. Boy, that Hall of Justice looks amazing!]

Should I ever find myself in Texas in the next few years, like, say for WrestleMania 32, I think I might check this out, especially because I’m pretty behind on experiencing DC at theme parks. Thanks to a partnership between Warner Bros. and Six Flags, DC rides have been around for years, but when I’m growing up 3 hours from Orlando, why would I visit any Six Flags? That’s why I’ve only been able to see Batman The Ride via YouTube vids…

But don’t confuse that with the truly insane-looking new Batman coaster, though I don’t see how it thematically connects with The Dark Knight…

And the same goes for the FOUR different Superman rides out there…

And to my shock there’s even Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, and The Joker coasters to be found at Six Flags all over the globe…

So, after seeing all the other DC Comics rides out there, how do you think new Justice League’s adventure looks in comparison? Like how it actually has a story, or do you prefer no nonsense thrills like a good roller coaster? Suss it out in the comments and I might just read my favorite replies in Cape Crisis #138!









4 thoughts on “See How The Justice League’s New Ride Compares To Other DC Coasters

  1. I keep wanting Warner to use the DC license to do some really neat stuff at six flags.

  2. Oh very cool, my company supplied some of the tech being used in the ride, kind of cool to see it in action.

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