Cheap Popcast #48 – Super Payback


We play dress-up to discuss wrestler-cosplaying and WWE Payback (with a brief detour discussing Raw and the already packed Elimination Chamber card) before chatting about the long-running crossover between superhero movies and professional wrestlers.



8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #48 – Super Payback

  1. You guys all owe me a new shirt I spilled coffee all over it when you I heard the “coming up next Doug does nothing and goes no where line.

  2. Chris, can you please stop being so annoyingly passive aggressive about GamerGate. It isn’t funny anymore, and sounds extremely whiny.

  3. Why does everyone act like it’s a chore that there are more PPV/specials than normal? Don’t you want to watch wrestling? I’m exited almost every time a WWE PPV comes around and even more so when NXT has a special yet the people I listen to about wrestling treat more PPV’s like it’s the worst thing they could do.

    1. Well you don’t want them to become pointless where they don’t mean anything. There is something where you get too many it doesn’t feel fresh or special and you stop caring. I think it helps that the network makes it so its not 40-50 dollars a pop but still

      1. I usually look forward to new PPVs, it’s just been the last two that have been tough (Extreme Rules & Payback) due to the constant rehashing of matches we’ve been seeing for months. I’m super-hyped for Elimination Chamber due to the freshness of the matches there, and MitB almost reboots the WWE to prepare for SummerSlam, so that should be good too.

  4. Dave when you said your rear window joke i was genuinely shocked no one went for the simpsons reference…

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