Cape Crisis #138 – Wanna Take Ya For A Ride


Henry and Chris convene early (1pm) to record this week, catching up on Mad Max: Fury Road, Convergence and Secret Wars, new series discoveries, The Flash’s season finale, new DC rides, leaked Jokers, and your answers to last week’s Question of the Week!

As mentioned in the podcast, go here to get Private Eye, the Hank’s Corner Pick of the Week. And be sure to read about the Justice League rides!

Also, if you STILL haven’t seen it, Laser Time has brand new commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, and you can buy them if you want to help while Henry is in-between jobs.


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Cape Crisis #138 Question: What is your ideal theme park ride based on a comic?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #138 – Wanna Take Ya For A Ride

  1. When I was a kid the live action batman show at six flags was incredible as a kid to experience, though not a ride it was awesome. I would like to see a Mr. Freeze slip n slide or water slide into some ice cold water.

  2. It brings me so much joy to hear that Chris hated Despicable Me. I feel like that movie is loved for being cute alone yet has no actual substance beyond that.

  3. I am surprised that Henry enjoyed the Flash season 1 finale. I thought the show was bringing together too many plots that could have easily been avoided and they don’t seem to be handling time travel well at all.

    Its enjoyable overall, but episode to episode there are little gripes that continue to bother me. Each episode they worry about Flash being able to do something fast enough when it’s already been proven that he can run back in time. I mean c’mon.

  4. I’m enjoying the process of reading along with Secret Wars and discussing the series, but damn some of this is confusing.

  5. I’ve been to the Warner Brothers Movieworld themepark in Germany they are talking about. Thing is, it isn’t a Warner Brothers themepark anymore. Now, it’s just called movieworld. So the Neverending Story Ride (with the Falcor), has be changed to something called Mystic River (without Sean Penn) with some gnooms, fairies and some horses with a carrot on their head. Their Gremling Dark Ride has become a Van Hellsing ride, the Back to the Future Ride is just called the Time Machine (now with german speaking Cleese instead of Christopher Loyd), their Wild Wild West Rollercoaster is now just a western themed rollercoaster and the Eraser rollercoaster is just a rollercoaster.

    The whole themepark is now just a sad, hollow shell of former glory. Half of the park is Nickelodeon themed so that’s something if you are into Dora the Explorer, the few animatronics there don’t work anymore and they have two stunt shows two times a day, with al the same actors. And then there are the germans spoiling everything, by being awefull and german.

  6. All this talk of Secret Wars really makes me think I’m going to enjoy waiting for the main story and the side stuff to be collected as omnibuses, which I will buy through Amazon links.

  7. oh gawd I hit submit too early on my last comment.
    YES! you saw Stripped! you HAVE to see the full catalog of footage. They made it ALL available to buy and its amaaaazeeeeng. just full on talks with creators. So good.

  8. My girlfriend is obsessed with both the Flash and Arrow shows, but they kinda leave me cold. DC has always had the best animation by FAR, but their live action stuff never seems to find the comfortable medium between grimdark and Smallville. And I think the Netflix Daredevil showed has upped my expectations for a superhero show. Still, the Flash has some extremely competent effects work for a network show. Gorilla Grod looked like movie-quality CG.

  9. With regards to the original Mad Max trilogy:

    Mad Max – The first movie is virtually unwatchable. A couple decent car stunts doesn’t make up for how poorly made and uneven it is. There is no need to watch this movie if you have never seen any Mad Max films.

    The Road Warrior – I’m not gonna make many friends with this, but, the Road Warrior is not as good as you remember. What you think the movie is actually only happens in the last twenty minutes of the movie; the first hour and change is a slow, ugly, boring slog through the Australian Outback. It has style and atmosphere, and the final chase is fantastic, but this movie does not hold up at all.

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – Frankly, this is easily the best movie of the original trilogy. The story, the production, the direction, the acting, the sets – everything in this movie is heads and shoulders above the previous two. Yeah, it gets really weird in the second half, but this whole series is weird. Max actually feels like a fully formed character for once, and the final car chase is every bit as good, if not better, than The Road Warrior.

    I haven’t seen Fury Road yet, but I’m sure it will easily be the best Mad Max movie of all, in spite of the fact that Tom Hardy is a charismatic void who always looks like he’s on the edge of taking a nap.

    1. Tom Hardy is a charismatic void? If you think that, you should check out Bronson, The Drop, or Locke.

    2. I watched Road Warrior for the first time last week. I loved every single aspect of it. exceptional film making. it’s as if the film was made just for me, and I don’t know how I avoided it until I was 30

  10. it’d be easy enough for me to stroll downtown and check outthe Suicide Squad set, but I find that I just don’t care enough. I’m kinda surprised at myself. just not a big deal to me.

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