We Love “I Love Websites” from dotflist


The creator of the greatest alternative TV themes of all time is back with an original (and amazing) song about the best Websites on the internet (besides this one). Check out dotflist’s “I Love Websites”!

If you’re a regular LaserTimePodcast.com Website visitor, you know we dig dotflist. He’s created over 100 twisted-yet-accurate alternative themes for the most popular television programs of all time (check out our favorite reimagined TV show theme songs). If you listen to LaserTime or watch our YouTube videos, you’ll often hear some of our favorite songs from dotflist’s TV album and the super-catchy pop songs from his other musical venture, Girls Who Care (available on the SoundCloud.com Website).

So it’s been proven that dotfist can tackle subversively hilarious pop-culture content as well as genuinely great songs that deserve to be on radio stations and movie soundtracks (or wherever kids go to find music). His latest song, “I Love Websites,” shows that he’s also got the chops to make a Tim and Eric-level ode to the Internet.

Behold, “I Love Websites”:

While you’ll likely hear that song during a break or closer of an upcoming LaserTime episode, we implore that you watch “I Love Websites” in all its majesty. If you’re a Website aficionado, you’ll find plenty to love. With the exception of LaserTimePodcast.com, dotflist has all of the greats covered. What’s your favorite Website from “I Love Websites”? Talk about it in this Website’s comment section below!

3 thoughts on “We Love “I Love Websites” from dotflist

  1. ahh yes, dotflist tearing shit up once again. this song has been stuck in my head since I heard it. Laser people, you need to subscribe to this guy, he hasn’t cracked 1K and that’s shameful.

  2. I’m a little disappointed there was no mention of america’s sixth favorite website, lasertimepodcast.com

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