Cape Crisis #139 – Convergence Confusion


Henry and Chris have another two man show as Hank tries to understand what the hell happened in Convergence, Chris gives a Secret Wars update, we talk Supergirl and Stan Lee’s acting, identify the Jughead fanboy in the room, and interact with our always great community. Tell a friend!

As mentioned in the podcast, you should check out Laser Time’s ranking of every Stan Lee Marvel cameo, from worst to best!

Also, if you STILL haven’t seen it, Laser Time has new-ish commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, and you can buy them if you want to help while Henry is in-between jobs.


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Cape Crisis #139 Question: What comic book film set do you wish you could have snuck on?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #139 – Convergence Confusion

    1. And I need something to ignore work AND drown out the voices in my head. Win freakin win baby.

  1. I understand art is a very subjective thing so I’m not saying Chris and Henry are wrong but after hearing it so much I just gotta say that I cannot stand the art on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
    It’s just that deformed style that really doesn’t appeal to me I guess. But it’s so bad to me that I won’t read that book because I don’t want to look at that art.

  2. I would sneak onto the set of man of steel so I could send henerey all the set photos cause he loves that movie so much 😉 Or maybe sneak on the set of batman and robin and cut the nipples off the batsuit and sell them on ebay.

  3. I had a pretty different take on Convergence then you did, during those four pages where Braniac is saying that the heroes succeeded, he also said that they evolved. During all this the book shows all the old versions of the characters standing transparent behind all the new 52 multiverse versions of those characters, like the JSA behind the Earth-2 guys and the Charlton comics characters standing behind the Pax Americana versions of those characters.
    To me it read less like them saying that everything counts, and more like them getting rid of those versions of the characters. You can’t have 3 Supermen hanging around, so you just say they went back to their own universes, then evolved new characters that can’t remember Convergence happened. Crisis was definitely undone, but since the universe has been rebooted since then, what does it matter? There may have always been a multiverse, but it was still reset with Flashpoint. Maybe I’m wrong, Convergence wasn’t clear on a lot of stuff.

    Also, if you’re looking for some DC stuff to read, greyson’s been one of the best books being put out, and all of Convergence was justified by how good the Captain marvel 2 parter was, so I’d check those out.

  4. I really really hate most of Stan Lee’s cameos to be honest. They’re just distracting at this point and ones that require actual dialogue are painful.

  5. I gotta completely disagree with you guys on the effect of Marvel trying to supress the X-Men. I don’t disagree that Marvel thinks that’s what their doing, I just doing think that’s the reality of what’s happening.

    The idea of “Oh, if we stop making comics and toys of these characters, in 5 years, kids won’t know who any of them are anymore” is just dumb. Because WAY more people know who the X-Men are because of the movies than they ever did because of the comics.

    It’s the same with the Avengers. The Avengers are way more popular now BECAUSE of the movies.

    As long as Fox keeps making X-Men movies, it doesn’t matter what Marvel does. People are going to know who the X-Men are. You’re asking people to forget who the characters are in that franchise that makes a new blockbuster movie every couple years. And that just doesn’t happen.

    I know Marvel wants to think that it’s somehow starving the movies by not having toys and comics, but that just isn’t the reality of it. It’s pretty much the opposite. They’re just depriving themselves of the toy and comic money that the movies are generating.

  6. Henry,

    Please read the Convergence spin-off series for Shazam, written by Jeff Parker and art by Doc Shaner. It’s one of my favorite comics of the year and the art is not to be missed.

  7. I work for the subway in Toronto, they’re prepping to shoot some Suicide Squad in my
    station. let u guys know if I see The Bat around anywhere tonight

  8. I would’ve loved to have been on the set of Blade 3 to see all of Snipes’ diva shenanigans.

  9. Guys, go see Tomorrowland, if you haven’t already. I was reticent, too, but the movie is absolutely not what the previews made it out to be. If I were to try and describe it without spoiling anything, I’d say that it’s two hours of Brad Bird ranting about the current state of fiction. And it is glorious.

    Also, great episode.

  10. I do have some set photos from when Avengers filmed here in Cleveland.

    I wish I could be on the set of TankGirl. I just imagine the set as a ’90s grunge paradise and between takes I get to see a bunch of Kangaroos become whiny actor divas.

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