4 thoughts on “VGMpire #94 – Toshinden Tracks

  1. i played Toshinden 2 so much, loved it
    anybody else think Sophias track has a bit of ABBA about it? i always used to think that

  2. I had never played or even heard of Toshinden, but these tracks are pretty great. It’s interesting to think that something so 80s sounding was still being produced in the mid-90s. You could release some of these tracks on a tonge-in-cheek soundtrack like Virt’s Double Dragon Neon OST and they’d blend in perfectly.

    I know this is anachronistic because Toshinden came out slightly before Liquid Tension Experiment but if you like this type of over-the-top prog instrumental I’d recommend LTE, particularly tracks like Acid Rain and Paradigm Shift.

  3. My only experience with Toshinden involved an early PS1 demo disc. Kind of a shame since this music is so rad! Great ep! (Also, 1st forum post) *woot*

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