Kung Fury is the Greatest Movie Ever Made


REMINDER: Watch Kung Fury immediately.

I don’t like feeling pandered to. Except when I do. And just when I thought there was no greater service to my 80s lovin’ heart than Far Cry: Blood Dragon, here comes Kung Fury, the story of an ass-kicking cop who teams up with vikings and dinosaurs to travel back in time and beat up Hitler.

You ever experience something so wonderful you feel like it was made just for you? Holy shit, I wish I could shake the hand of every person who Kickstarted this masterpiece. Two things: How do we get Kung Fury nominated for an Oscar and why aren’t all movies half an hour?

11 thoughts on “Kung Fury is the Greatest Movie Ever Made

  1. Nearly all the 80s TV/Movie tropes in this amazingly fun movie. Best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Great effects and animation. Loved the extreme 80’s tone.
    But… it felt like it dragged a bit in spots. Suffered from throwing too many different plot elements at the same time. It works well as a 5-7min music video, but as a 30 min movie not so much. It was less a story and more a sequence of things happening for the excuse of cool effects. I’m not saying it has to have a substantial story, but any kind of story structure could of helped. It’s a shame characters were more set dressing than meaningful characters. Even Hitler himself felt more like a prop for neat visuals than a truly menacing villain.
    Either way this did look like a lot of fun to make, just not sure if it really captured the vibe from that era of film.

  3. This was pretty awesome. I can’t believe they actually got Hasselhoff to do the theme song AND music video. Fantastic.

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