First Trailer for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur


Pixar’s second movie of 2015 narrowly avoids complete extinction…

While I’m now officially certain you guys don’t care about videos featuring old ass Disney stuff, perhaps you’ll take a gander at a video with NEW Disney shit? It’s Pixar. And it’s got DINOSAURS!

Not much to show, yet still unbelievably soothing. One of several reasons 2014 was the worst year in recorded history is that it was our first year without a Pixar movie since 2005. A lot of that had to do with Pixar’s special brand of “development hell,” which can involve multiple year-long story rewrites, and in The Good Dinosaur’s case, the outright dismissal of a director. Of course, the House of Lasseter looks to be making good last year’s drought with not one but TWO films, with Inside Out debuting June 19th, and Dinosaur headed out way this November. As discussed on one of Laser Time’s earliest episodes, the world is always in need of more dinosaur movies.

7 thoughts on “First Trailer for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

  1. So when can I pre order this 3D Bluray? Looks great from what little I saw. Upgraded my projector to a 3D one and so far Disney makes the best films in that format so this couldn’t come at a better time yo!

  2. well, I like dinosaurs and I like Pixar… yah, I’ll definitely check it out when it hits screens. also, wow, two Pixar films in one year.

  3. It’s a shame they made this before the name “Brontosaurus” got cleared for science again. But I guess not all family friendly dinosaur movies have to star a Brontosaurus.

  4. Finally the origins of Dinoco. “Remember to thank the dinosaurs, we made oil from their blood.”

  5. If Hollywood makes a dinosaur movie, I will see it. The fact that Pixar is making a dinosaur movie fills me with joy. I’m crossing my fingers that both this and Jurassic World end up doing big numbers at the box office, so I can look forward to a glut of dinosaur films in the near future.

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