Watch Stephen Colbert Shave His Colbeard for the Late Show

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If you’re sick of what Colbert calls his “homeless sea captain” beard, then this video is sure to please. For the rest of us, it’s a great tease for what the Late Show with Stephen Colbert will be.

The Second City/Comedy Central alum is gearing up for a September premiere, and we can only hope he releases more comedy gold like this in the meantime. And if you want Laser Time’s thoughts on his predecessor, the great David Letterman, here’s a podcast for you.

Tony is an Editor here at Laser Time. Follow him on Twitter and ask him to shave his beard too.

3 thoughts on “Watch Stephen Colbert Shave His Colbeard for the Late Show

  1. I can’t wait.
    Also, he is now Podcasting. Its an interesting insight on who Colbert actually is, and what the hell we will see this September. Spoiler: They don’t know either.

  2. It wasn’t until I heard his voice did I realize how much I miss Colbert. I mean Larry Willmore is definitely funny, but there is just something Colbert has that Willmore doesn’t. Man, I really want to see his show soon.

    And I did just listen to his podcast, fairly enlightening and quite funny. Not laser time funny of course, but funny.

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