Cape Crisis #140 – Faces Of Doom


Henry and Chris have read so many comics this week, from DC, Image, Marvel, even Archie! Plus, Hank shares a phone call, we explore the history of Doom, we dive deep into the news, and hear some community tales of cinema magic!

Don’t forget to check out¬†Laser Time’s ranking of every Stan Lee Marvel cameo, from worst to best!¬†Also, if you STILL haven’t seen it, Laser Time has new-ish commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, and you can buy them if you want to help while Henry is in-between jobs.


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Cape Crisis #140 Question: What would your subtitle be for Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #140 – Faces Of Doom

  1. I wish you guys would just talk about Spoilers in your Whatcha been Reading. Kind of silly to have a weekly podcast about comics and then dance around everything. If people haven’t read it that is their fault or just give a timestamp when the spoilers end. I haven’t read Star Wars, and even I knew about Han Solo’s wife. I really want to hear what you guys have to say about certain plot developments but I’m always disappointed, cause you won’t dig in deep into stories until months after they happen.

    I don’t have any other friends who read comics. You guys are my only outlet to hear opinions about what I just read. lol sad I know, but it’s the truth.

  2. Guardians of the galaxy 2…..another mix tape full of songs that will make you like the movie because who doesnt like a baby tree dancing to a groovy song…….thats the title

  3. Speaking of mixes, I have to ask, what was that MegaMan song mix going on in the background of this episode?

    At first I just thought it was the normal thing where you guys play a bunch of game songs, but those song all seemed to automatically lead into one another like it was one giant song.

  4. Wasn’t there a whole big thing in the 90’s about finally revealing Doom’s face and he just had a tiny scratch on his cheek? But he was so vain that he considered that to be ruining his face. And then he gets the new mask and puts it on too quickly when it’s still hot and it burns the crap out of his flesh or something.

  5. Hey you guys said something about some Marvel Heroes codes? I love that game and this show so this is a perfect storm of my interests. Actually if the codes let you play as Godzilla (who does technically exist in the Marvel universe) then you could kiss George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg goodbye because they would be fish food.

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Yep we still don’t own the X-Men or Fantastic Four, but you like the first one right!

    Also I wish you guys wouldn’t be so worried about spoilers, it hinders your conversations and opinions which I am dying to hear and by the time you do talk about them most of us are already onto the next issue/series. Put the burden on the listener to avoid spoilers as I would love to hear you guys talk freely

    Also if you guys want comics or contacts to get comics please let me know I would love to help.

  7. For clarifications sake, the game Chris mentioned seeing a trailer for years before the movie came out was the Clash of the Titans game, and in the end both the game and movie did come out. They were shit and nobody remembers them, but they were released.

  8. The only chance I will EVER see the Green Lantern movie is if you guys do a commentary. Just sayin…

  9. I don’t get why you won’t read Secret Wars books just because they don’t “matter.” A lot of those secret wars books are good, and most of the Convergence tie-ins were better then the main title. Who cares if it doesn’t have long term implications? I don’t get ya Henry.

  10. Guardians of the Galaxy: Annihilation, Guardians of the Galaxy: Thanos Imperitive, Guardians of the Galaxy: Warlock, Guardians of the Galaxy: InHumanity, Guardians of the Galaxy: War of Kings/ Realm of Kings
    Those are all my attempts at doing what they did with Avengers and taking the title of a recently released comic that features the characters but in the end has nothing to do with the movie.
    Also you mentioned She-Hulk and Vision codes for Marvel Heroes?

  11. Sharpling has a point. Sometimes I think you guys lose perspective, although I recognize it’s an easy shorthand to call comics “books” in conversation.

    However, in no adult conversation would any of us be asked what books we’ve enjoyed lately, and then start listing titles of comics.

  12. Guardians of The Galaxy 2: Tijuana Nights

    GotG 2: 2 Guardin’ 2 Galaxian

    Gaurdians of The Galaxy 2: Madea in Space

    Gaurdians of The Galaxy 2: License to Quill

    Gaurdians of The Galaxy 2: Drax speaks for the trees!

    Gaurdians of The Galaxy 2: Fall of Cybertron

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