Jurassic Park games – Let’s Do This!


[UPDATE: A wonderful quartet of weird ass Jurassic Park games embedded below!]

Chris and Dave walk you through some weirdass Jurassic Park games today at 2PM PacificĀ (5PM Eastern), one hour earlier than normal!

NOTE: Sorry for the short notice!
1. We will be streaming ONE HOUR EARLIER than normal today.
2. We will not be streaming LEGO Jurassic World today due to it, uh, not being out yet. ‘Pologies! We will stream it this Friday.

5 thoughts on “Jurassic Park games – Let’s Do This!

  1. I had the Genesis game when I way a kid. God, that game is absolutely impossible, and controls like complete ass. Ah, Genesis memories.

  2. Thanks for doing these streams! Loved the Genesis game as a kid, even with being unable to get past the 2nd level LOL

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