Superman vs Hulk Is Debated On The Daily Show, See How It’d Really Happen


Krypton vs Gamma: Who wins? Jon Stewart and Mark Ruffalo debate it, and one CGI animator has the answer!

As a comic book fans (and particularly as host of the podcast Cape Crisis), I’ve witnessed my fair share of theoretical arguments about who could beat who. In particular, I’ve seen a lot of dreamed up Marvel vs DC battles. Captain American vs Batman, Quicksilver vs Flash, Namor vs Aquaman. Out of all of them, Hulk vs Superman could be some of the most passionate debates, and that can even happen when The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart interviews the current film Hulk Mark Ruffalo – starting at 2:28…

Now, that’s a fun talk, but I have to take issue with Jon Stewart’s reasoning. Yes, Superman can avoid Hulk if he chooses, but creating distance isn’t the same as winning a fight. It’s the same as if Superman tossed Hulk into space – it’s technically a victory by count out or ring out, but it’s hardly a KO. Also, given Superman’s morals, I can’t imagine him leaving Hulk free to mess up things.

No, the real question of Hulk vs Superman isn’t who could outwit the other. You want to know who’d win in a fight that could only end in a knockout, as if the two were competing in a super powered Bloodsport. As you might expect, comics have provided some varied answers over the years.

In previous crossover events, Superman won two different scrapes. He rather handily beat Hulk in the early ’80s, but in the mid-’90s Marvel vs DC, the mulleted Supes beat Banner by the skin of his teeth. Alternatively, both iconic heroes have fought characters very similar to one another, so that can give you some idea how they’d fare. Superman has a pretty good record against Hulk-clone Doomsday, aside from that time Doomsday killed Kal, but that version of Superman was a little weaker than normal. Meanwhile, when Hulk fought pseudo-Superman Sentry in the World War Hulk finale, it was basically a standstill until both were so exhausted that they reverted to their human forms.

Ultimately, Hulk vs Superman will probably never have a conclusive answer provided by their respective publishers. Fortunately for the comic fans of the world, a very talented third party put their incredible CG skills to the task of making it happen. If you haven’t seen all three parts before (crossing fingers for a part 4), this is the best looking Superman vs Hulk fight you will likely ever see…

This fight is pretty much how I always imagined it, only more fluid. They took the fight to an uninhabited area and both are in their classically defined roles. Hulk is a brutish ball of rage who never tires, Superman is faster, resourceful and looks like Christopher Reeves. The only annoying part is that this has yet to reach it’s end, so who knows if the artist involved will even have a definite winner.

Personally, how do I envision the fight ending? Well, if the battle has to end with one knocking out or even killing the other, the Hulk wins. As you see in the video, Superman gets the upper hand a few times thanks to his brains and speed, but that only makes Hulk angrier, thus stronger and tougher. As impressive as Superman’s stamina may be, it’ll run out eventually, unlike Hulk’s. If it comes down to a fist fight, Hulk wins 12 days later, in round 943.

But don’t worry DC fans, if capture and/or count outs are allowed, Superman would win easily. First off, Supes has access to tons of Earth and Kryptonian science. Mr. Kent could probably fashion a way to send Hulk into the Phantom Zone or nullify his gamma-irradiated strength with a STAR Labs gadget. Even if that isn’t allowed, Superman could “win” with a tactic many have used against Hulk before: Just toss Banner into Earth’s orbit and wait for him to pass out. Given Kal’s flight and speed that’d be pretty simple fix, even if he’d get punch pretty hard on the way up.

What do you guys think? Is my reasoning sound? Do you side with Stewart or Ruffalo? How do you think it’ll play out?

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42 thoughts on “Superman vs Hulk Is Debated On The Daily Show, See How It’d Really Happen

  1. In an arena fight I’d say The Hulk would win because he is pure, blind strength. If however Superman had the opportunity to retreat for even a small amount of time then I’d say he would find a way to gain the upper hand and take home the title.

  2. You could not be more wrong about the things you said! As a matter of fact, I believe the correct answer is the exact opposite! In a straight up brawl, Supes definitely has the upper hand since his powers could easily take the the Hulk. The Hulk might be pretty tough, but I doubt he could out-punch of the strongest and fastest members of the DC universe while being bombarded with heat lasers during the punching. He can also fly, giving him a big upper hand.

    On the other hand, if cheating was allowed, Hulk would have this fight in the bag. As seen in recent comics, Hulk retains his mind post transformation and is not just a being of pure rage. He could easily revert back to Banner, stopping Superman as he is not the type of guy to jack up a regular human. However, when Superman goes to see him and make sure he is all right (as the blue boy scout would do) Banner would Hulk out, catch Superman off guard and then grab him as to allow no escape and slaughter him (like that one part in World War Hulk where he totally jacks up Doctor Strange’s hands).

    I don’t why you let that guy write here when he only speaks the opposite of truths.

    1. Almost defended the article, then looked at who had written the comment to make me call to arms… well played Bizzaro hEnereyG

  3. Would superman’s heat vision be able to go through the hulks skin? I’m indifferent when it comes to hulk comics so I don’t know if his skin is super reinforced or what. Plus are we considering bruce banner a point in hulks favor? Could he use his scientific mind while out of hulk form to come up with a plan or would that all go out the window when he transformed?

  4. Hulk would win hands down. Even if Superman “cheated” (street rules man!), I highly doubt that Superman would start the fight by throwing Hulk into space. He would probably do it as a last resort but by the time he realized that it would be his only way to win Hulk’s strength and healing would be through the roof and he would not let Superman do it.

    As for Superman using science I don’t see a fight like this having both members aware that they are going to fight and having time to plan. If they did then Banner would have some time to get some kryptonite and he would probably take some pills that would make him super angry thus having Hulk start out super strong. Although if they had time to plan then wouldn’t they realize that they are both pretty alright guys and just not fight at all?

    The fight would probably end with an exhausted Superman realizing he shouldn’t have held back and a pissed off Hulk beating his face in like Hulk did to Silver Surfer in Planet Hulk or like he did to Beta Ray Bill in the animated film (look it up on youtube if you haven’t seen it).

    1. Although that could just be my marvel bias. 🙂

      Also, is it possible to edit posts? And is it possible put in pictures? I know it is possible in the forums but I don’t know about here. Hopefully this image goes up to give people a picture to help out my point. If not then I apologize people.

    2. Truth be known, given that Superman is much stronger than the Hulk (moves planets, continents, etc.,) and multiply that by his fists moving near the speed of light thereby exponentially increasing his strength nearly infinity-fold, this fight would end before it got started. Only a die-hard Hulk fan would insist other wise. Add to that Superman’s arsenal of freezing and heat blasts and the option to fly to the sun for an up-charge, the Hulk compared to Superman would be like us compared to the Hulk. If we went by historical evidence in their stories, it would have to be this way.

      1. Lets just say that 10% or your idiotic statements were worth a thought. Hulk has limitless power. How do you beat or try to out power something that is limitless. Superman does not have limitless power. What part do you have problems comprehending that the madder the he gets the stronger he gets. Hulk can withstand heat from the core of the sun and freezing temperatures so that wouldnt even get him upset enough to scrinch his brow. Piss the Hulk off enough and he could literally rip supermans head off. If that were the case why did Doomsday kill superman. You’re a genius….. Superman though fun to watch is probably one of the dumbest characters created. Why didnt they just name him God. Faster than Flash Stronger than anything on earth or the unverse and nothing can phase him except a rock. Give me a break. It sounds like something two kids would make up and compete against eachother with in creating

      2. I really hate stupid people that say superman can move planets. It’s space moron everything is weightless in space.

        1. um, if that’s your argument you don’t have place to insult people’s intelligence. if he’s pushing a planet that means he’s making contact with it and is affected by the gravity of said planet. the larger the planet, the higher the gravity and the more force is required to move it.

          if we consider your argument the earth or any other solid planet would be knocked around and out of its ‘comfort zone’ every time a meteor hit it, like a cue ball striking any other on the table, even with the size difference since they would be weightless.

          weight is determined by X amount of mass is being effected by Y amount of gravity. if there is gravity acting upon an object, regardless of the size, it has weight.

  5. Holy crap that was awesome! I would say Hulk has strength and endurance but Superman would have smarts and yeah the whole flying part is a big 1up. Man wouldn’t it be cool to see these two fighting in the air, as Hulk jumps large bounds and Superman flies.

  6. It’s cool that he made this, but this guy’s fight choreography is boring as fuck. It opens with them punching each other at the same time? Come on.

  7. Whenever this question is asked you have to clarify whether or not it’s just a straight up one on one boxing match. It’s like they said in that Superman Doomsday video, why would Superman just resort to a straight up drunken punch-face brofight? Superman has a functioning brain, if you want to put that aside and say it’s just a matter of let’s see who can punch who more, that’s a pretty different question than “Who will win, Hulk or Superman?”, this video is asking “Who will win, Hulk or Superman if Superman is afflicted with some sort of status effect that makes him a mindless ragemonkey?”

  8. I think a fight between The Sentry/Void and Superman would be great to watch. This was pretty great, though.

  9. I think if Kal and Bruce just one day at the same time decided to straight-up murder the other (as ridiculous as that sounds) Supes could instantly snap Bruce’s spine in half before he could become the Hulk. Like with all Super-Stand-offs, it’s all about location and details. I think overall Superman would win, but with planning, anyone could beat Superman (ala Frank Miller’s TDKR) If it was in the video’s case, and Superman couldn’t fly off to make tomfoolery, with no plot devices, Hulk could probably beat him into submission at the very least. “Heroic Brutality.”

  10. It’s tough to say. I’m not familiar with regular marvel Hulk but I do know that Ult. Hulk’s body changes and adapts to environments in order to survive. So I’ll have to agree with Darth Orange and his logic that Superman wouldn’t start the fight by throwing the Hulk into space and thus it gives Hulk the time to rage up and get Superman in an eventual death grip. So if this is Ult. Hulk we’re talking about, then even a trip into outer space will just mean nothing in the face of his adaptive physiology.

    Just to add a bit more, if the Hulk was getting angry that he can’t hit Superman or that Superman flies away too often, then logically the Hulk would get angry enough to when he did catch him, he wouldn’t let go. But if Superman was able to break the grip of the Hulk and realized at that point he will not win this fight with force, then he should be smart enough to send him to the Phantom Zone. But that all depends on if he can muster up the strength to break the Hulk’s grip on him or realize before it gets to that point that he won’t be able to win.

  11. Counting brains as cheating and letting them just exchange blows, Hulk probably has the advantage, sure. Could Superman not just see through this and stay out of Hulks way though? Let him cool down a little, maybe even turn back to Banner.

  12. I believe that when superman is fighting the hulk he will realize that the hulk becomes stronger while fighting with him so I think superman would get fight over faster. Wheather it be flying into the hulk so fast that a nuclear explosion occurs and knocks hulk into a deep sleep.

  13. Looking forward to the ending. If that actually happens, still waiting for the end of the Superman:Doomsday Death of Superman videos where they cut footage together from “Superman Returns” and altered footage from “The Incredible Hulk” (2008) for Doomsday.

  14. It depends really on which universe the fight takes place in “Marvel” universe or “DC” since in marvel there is no kryptonite to affect him the hulk stands a good chance of getting angrier and angrier and becoming a almost indestructable oppenent for superman in MU only by using his brains could superman survive the onslaught and prevail by combining strength and brains if it’s DCU more than likely he would find that the hulks body is similar to a ton of walking talking punching kryptonite and find himself having steady side effects possibly stopping his powers or invulerabilty thus insuring his death.

  15. I have to say these videos are well rendered. Props to whoever did them.
    My guess as to the outcome- 50/50. I’m a much bigger Marvel fan because I just like it better than DC stories and characters, but I can’t play favorites here.
    From what I know about Supes, he sticks to his morals and only subdues his opponents with the minimum amount of force necessary. If he encounters Hulk for the first time, much like Doomsday, he’ll hold back, not realizing how resilient Hulk is at first. He’ll gradually ramp up his efforts, which plays to the Hulk’s strengths, giving him time to get angrier and stronger.
    In my opinion, this all comes down to TIME. The longer the fight drags on, the more it’s in Hulk’s favor. If Superman had come into the fight full force from the start, he could likely overwhelm Hulk and win. Even the Hulk has been known to be overwhelmed from time to time. But knowing Superman’s tendency to do only as much as is required, he might take too long and end up being overwhelmed himself. Hulk also never seems to get tired. While he’s fighting, he seems to recover from fatigue as quickly as his wounds heal, which is also in his favor. Superman fights smarter though. Even in a prolonged fight, he’ll probably hold his own.
    This is kind of like the tortoise and the hare. Hulk being the slow and steady Tortoise, and Superman being the quicker Hare.
    Personally, I think either one could win, and I’m not just saying that to be neutral. I’m saying it because that’s the actual nature of the characters. We haven’t really seen the limits of either one too much and both are absurdly tough. So, like I said- 50/50.

    Other hilarious ideas- Superman vs…. (Drum roll) Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet!!
    Superman: I must protect the Earth!
    Thanos: You’re a bowl of petunias!
    Super-petunias: The fuck just happened?
    Thanos: Fuck it! Everything is a Bowl of Petunias!
    Bowl of Petunias: Oh no, not again.
    We’re all doomed.

  16. All of you are stupid. The only reason that supes died while fighting doomsday is because he held back until he got to Metropolis. As for his strength? He can hold up the earth for 5 days straight without access to the sun. Speed? It rivals the speed of the flash. Hulk has no brains in rage mode. Plus, hulk has been beaten multiple times. You’re dissmissed.

  17. Hulk win hands down. Sup may start off good but it his doom. I’ll doubt that heat vision would hurt the hulk. As for being the strongest. I’ll say hulk. Moving planets is great but is space. It’s weightless in space.

    1. moving an object in space isn’t a matter of overcoming gravity but that does not mean there are are no forces to overcome. Even ignoring the gravitational pull of the star a planet is orbiting, the main obstacle to changing that planet’s position or trajectory is called inertia. Inertia is a property of matter and is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. Earth has a great deal of mater to it and therefor a great deal of inertia. Do you think you could stop an aircraft carrier that was speeding towards land? It’s effectively weightless in water, but it’s still storing a lot of kinetic energy. The force needed to move an object out of the sun’s orbit by 1% is about 1000 times less than the objects mass. The Earth weighs in at about 6.6sextillion tons which means superman would be able to move 6.6quintillion tons.

  18. Ok Tommy,
    moving an object in space isn’t a matter of overcoming gravity but that does not mean there are are no forces to overcome. Even ignoring the gravitational pull of the star a planet is orbiting, the main obstacle to changing that planet’s position or trajectory is called inertia. Inertia is a property of matter and is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. Earth has a great deal of mater to it and therefor a great deal of inertia. Do you think you could stop an aircraft carrier that was speeding towards land? It’s effectively weightless in water, but it’s still storing a lot of kinetic energy. The force needed to move an object out of the sun’s orbit by 1% is about 1000 times less than the objects mass. The Earth weighs in at about 6.6sextillion tons which means superman would be able to move 6.6quintillion tons.

  19. Superman hands down. Blinding speed super strength flight heat vision super breath high intelligence hulk doesnt stand a chance. All supes needs is one good upper cut and hulk is off into space where he can’t survive or he could be beaten into submission. Superman took down some off the toughest on his own including darkside doomsday zod the entire army of atlantis evil versions of himself clones and more. Yeah hulk took down the avengers and the x-men but non of them have the abilities of supes. He even told darkside the world was like cardboard to him. He doesnt need gadgets or (cheats) as some of you might call his powers but its a fight between the two meaning they both give it everything they’ve got.

  20. If any of you think the hulk has a chance you are on drugs, and i am probably one of the biggest hulk fans on here. Superman’s strength is so far above the hulks it is ridiculous. Also the madder he gets the stronger he gets is bullshit, there is no such thing as infinite madness, there is a limit to how mad he can get. It would take far too long for the hulks strength to even approach superman’s level and supe’s would realize he was getting stronger and defeat him as soon as possible. the hulk cannot win by strength alone. Not against an opponent who can exceed him in strength and speed. Take this into account. Imagine the force superman can put behind his punches, now take that force and add just the speed of sound to it which i think is 748 mph which is mach 1. You now have a punch that is already stronger than the hulks moving with far more speed and mass. now imagine that punch moving at mach 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or even mach 30. now imagine these punches landing all over the hulks face and head every millisecond. Then imagine that to superman, as fast as he is moving the hulk seems to be standing still even though he is actually attempting to defend and attack. Let’s say the hulks punches exceed 200, maybe 300 mph. moving as fast as he is superman could see and evade anything the hulk did. And to the hulk superman would be invisible or at the very least a blur. Now this doesn’t take into account his heat vision or his freeze breath. Another thing that urks me is this issue of the hulk lifting a 150 billion ton mountain range. If any of you idiot read it, he was only supporting a small portion, you idiots act like none of it was touching the ground and he was holding it on his back. It was dropped from 100s of feet up how could he keep it from hitting the ground, i would even say that 99% of it was sunk into the earth upon impact. He even said he was just bracing a portion of it. Now lets compare strength levels, the hulk is listed by marvel as a class 100 at rest which is impressive by marvel standards. Which would mean superman would start off at least at a class 100,000. Reason being he has been known to leisurely and without effort throw aircraft carriers around which displace more than 100,000 tons on average. Black Adam tossed an aircraft carrier across a city and he is not quite in supe’s power range. Superman simply outclasses and out muscles the hulk at every turn. With his heat vision, he could actually use it combined with his speed to remove a limb before it has time to heal. Imagine him hitting the hulk with beam of heat vision wide enough to encompass the hulks shoulder then before he can react or heal swooping in with super speed and strength to remove it. If you remember, the maestro subdued the hulk by breaking his neck which took time to heal. Now imagine that being done at super speed. Then being hauled off to the fortress of solitude and sent to the phantom zone. Heat vision can be used on a microscopic level to lobotomize the hulk temporarily. Focused through the hulks pupils, or just simply burn through his eyes into his brain at super speed. remember the hulk would look like he is standing still to superman. So for the hulk in all reality it is a no win situation.

  21. If Superman ever fought like he should, and used his combination of speed, strength, and flight, Hulk would lose.

    I think Superman could win by taking the battle to space and pummeling Hulk on the way down…and repeating the process until Hulk is knocked out (or perhaps letting Hulk run out of air to breathe in space).

  22. I hate the argument that Hulk’s strength is infinite since rage is infinite. It’s not.
    We even like to think of pain as infinite but that too, is not.

    It’s a logical fallacy that every HULK vs. anyone argument centers around. Hulk’s power as defined by the comics is fueled by his rage and would therefore in fact -NOT- be limitless.

    The fact that both Hulk and Banner’s brains are physical and not cosmic also suggests that there is an actual limit to the amount of anything, including rage that could be contained within their brains.

    If Norrin Radd had the Hulk’s power before he got the power cosmic then you could posit the hypothetical that Silver Hulk Norrin Radd could have infinite strength, along with the fact that he would have a hell of a lot more convincing motivation for said infinite rage.

    In fact, Irredeemable is basically a story about Superman having Hulk’s temperament. So, if they’re mind controlled or given X23’s trigger scent (along with the conditioning to act berserk like X23) and really go at it unconditionally, Superman still wins.
    I mean, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, but if Superman got a Red Lantern Ring and knew nothing but rage, the entire DC universe would have to be called in to try and stop him.
    In fact, that’s also basically the story with Superboy-Prime…

    When you take moral limits off of Superman, he’s unstoppable. Aside from the fact he could just throw Hulk into a black hole or the sun.

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