Impressive New Justice League Animated Shorts Show Future Of DC Cartoons


These incredible new short films present a possible future for the DCAU…

As I’ve mentioned on a podcast or three of Cape Crisis, one of my all time favorite interpretations of DC Comics comes from the world known as the DC Animated Universe. Begun with Batman: The Animated Series, then expanding into Superman and the epic Justice League cartoons, these versions of classic DC heroes and villains all seemed contemporary, approachable, and respectful of the characters’ histories. In the last decade or so, the animators behind the DCAU left TV behind to the more free, prestigious, and PG-13 world of direct to disc films. That’s continuing with the upcoming Justice League: Gods And Monsters, but that’s also leading to the animated heroes heading to a new, unexpected medium – original YouTube content.

Following Warner Bros. investment in Machinima, a trio of seven minute shorts called Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles premiered on the major YouTube channel. Each introduces you to one of the three very different versions of DC’s most famous heroes. Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince don’t exist in Gods and Monsters reality. Instead, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman make up a much more sinister and imposing Justice League for this darker dimension. Just how different are they? Watch all three to find out. Obviously Batman has gone through a few big changes…

Meanwhile, Superman is a force that the government fears. In fact, President Amanda Waller and Dr. Sivana (of Captain Marvel fame) built Braniac to stop him. And I can see why they’d be affraid, as this Kryptonian is the son of General Zod, and looks almost as fearsome. The short’s conclusion really stresses how different he is from Kal-el…

Then there’s the new Wonder Woman, who is now Bekka, a double-tough member of the New Gods pantheon. As you can see in this short, she’s not worried about ending a life, can take on a unique version of a classic Wonder Woman nemesis, and Bekka is totally down to clown…

All three shorts are great previews for Gods and Mosters’ proper release, and are brilliantly crafted by DCAU New Gods Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett. And this is only the beginning. Gods and Monsters Chronicles has already been renewed for a 10 episode season that will start posting sometime in 2016. This has the feeling of a whole new chapter for the DCAU. It makes you wonder just how wild and experimental the next batch of toons will be.

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8 thoughts on “Impressive New Justice League Animated Shorts Show Future Of DC Cartoons

    1. I’d like to express the same sentiment. Wonder Woman’s design looks particularly horrible, and her white clothing stands out too much next to Batman and Superman who are wearing mostly black.

      I’m also not feeling the shorts. Batman’s seemed to be aiming for useless shock value and Wonder Woman’s depicted her as a careless fighter who gets a sexual thrill from battle. Superman was just as boring as always.

      I’m just glad DC hasn’t abandoned animation (yet), because I still want to see another Justice League animated.

  1. I love that Bruce Timm style. I didn’t expect that chainsaw to break. These are REALLY strong! I’m definitely going to watch the ongoing series once it starts up.

  2. enjoyed all 3 but I’m definitely most interested in where they’re taking superman

  3. Overall I liked these shorts and some of their ideas. I mean mother “F”ing Amanda Waller is the president that created a human computer hybrid to counteract Superman, very cool. Vampire Batman is interesting, but not my speed. Harley Quinn being this world’s Joker to an Nth degree is nice and new. Lovin’ Wonder Woman, but not at fan of the top, that helemet is very cool and reminds me of Big Barda. I really hope Brainiac kid isn’t dead, that seems so un-Superman-like. If Sups quickly moved Brainiac to his HQ to train him I’d love that,but that’s just me.

  4. Having more Bruce Timm DC animated projects is never a bad thing. Looking forward to the movie and the season.

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