Laser Time – Movies STILL Not on DVD


Even as physical media declines in popularity, we’re looking at the weird, awesome, rare, and otherwise notable films that you still can’t officially buy…


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22 thoughts on “Laser Time – Movies STILL Not on DVD

  1. Came for RAD, was not disappointed. I must have watched that 300 times as a child and between the soundtrack (which is absolutely full of the kind of pop and rock that was in EVERY movie but never existed anywhere else), the stunt bikes and Lori Loughlin being maybe my first celebrity crush I never got tired of it. Poor Bart Connor seemed to think playing the villain was gonna give him the transition from Olympian to actor.

  2. Holy shit what a great episode!

    I totally remember seeing the trailer for the Dirt Bike Kid on a vhs copy of Rad when I was in college, and my friend saying that it was a horrible movie but super rare.

    Chris, thanks for bringing up Savannah Smiles and the name of the movie Too Much, which my only memory of it is the little girl and the robot. For the longest time I had no idea what movie it was from.

  3. I’ve seen Cruising and it’s nowhere near as offensive people say it is, its amazing how quickly people forget its directed by William Friedkin and that everyone adores The Exorcist but acts like Cruising appeared out of thin air by itself. The people that object to Cruising are the same people who think American Psycho is anti-women or promotes the murder of women. Cruising is a product of its time and its understandable why people in the gay community don’t like it because the villain is a homosexual serial killer and if you just read the synopsis and don’t watch it, its easy to hate it. But its really a story about an undercover cop having to go through a journey and travel through unfamiliar territory and you could still tell the same story but use a different sub culture (which at the time was homosexuality in New York). And people don’t really give it the historical and cultural context that you need to do before you watch it. And William Friedkin was trying to tell a story that took place in a world filled with atmosphere and have a moody underground look to it and I really do honestly believe that the filmmakers involved with this didn’t want to demonize homosexuality because Friedkin’s movies all deal with seedy side of humanity like in To Live And Die In LA was about police corruption and organized crime and money counterfeiting. And its disappointing because Friedkin refuses to talk about it in public or acknowledge the movie exists because he knows it will open up a pandora’s box of controversy on him and he will be misquoted and sent out to slaughter by the media.

  4. Sweet, a week without Henry. I love you guys, but he’s making the show really hard to listen to. I may actually get to go an entire episode without hearing about MRAs, “toxic masculinity”, and a million other things that are just as annoying to hear about as anything from GG. He manages to find a way to inject that stuff into every discussion, and it actually makes me long for the days when he and Dave would hijack every discussion with wrestling.

    1. Not gonna lie but yea it has gotten pretty annoying, the only time I find it ok is when Diana or Grimm are also on the podcast

      1. I honestly only find that shit acceptable if it comes from a ladies voice like Diana or Carolyn, I even include transgender there too since in my head, if they’re physically female, they’re a female. Coming from Henry, a white man in his 30’s living in San Francisco, I just always find it hilarious and yeah he’s gay but who cares? He’s not a lady, he isn’t colored like I am, and his words are pretty racist.

        1. Why is it that every time I happen to look at the comments for this podcast or Vidjagame Apocalypse (which to be fair isn’t that often), there is some vaguely right-wing comment, someone complaining about “SWJ”s, or some shit like this? …Do these two shows specifically attract a right-leaning audience or something?

          Just about every podcast I listen to will at least occasionally mock right-wingers, or make general comments which expose the hosts as somewhat liberal/left-leaning/etc; and yet none of those shows have recurring comments like this.

          I personally enjoy when people take shots at MRAs, they’re kind of like the clowns of the internet right now. It’s funny.

          …also, but poster J says he only finds it “acceptable” to take shots at MRA shit-heads if you’re female? WTF?

          1. “Why is it that every time I happen to look at the comments for this podcast or Vidjagame Apocalypse (which to be fair isn’t that often), there is some vaguely right-wing comment, someone complaining about “SWJ”s, or some shit like this?”

            This honestly makes me feel even more justified, knowing I’m not the only one who’s getting fed up with this shit. It’s obnoxious, and irrelevant to whatever discussion is at hand, but it’s ok as long as you agree with it, huh? I come here to hear them talk about fun stuff, not to hear their political opinions. Right or Left, I don’t care, I just want them to stick to the discussion at hand.

            I actually appreciate Brett for that reason. I’m sure he’s of a similar political standing to the rest of them, but he keeps it to himself for the most part, and tries to stay on topic.

            The thing is, I’ve been listening to these guys since episode 2 or 3 of Talkradar, and this didn’t used to be an issue. Whether it was the fact that they hadn’t been in San Francisco long enough to drink the Kool Aid at the time, or because they had higher ups keeping them reigned in, they kept on point with discussion. This has only been an issue in the last couple of years.

          2. I understand where you guys are coming from. From time to time, I’ve been annoyed by Henry’s tendency to force the conversation onto his own politics, but I think what we all have to understand is that Henry only recently came out. While most of the guys on the cast have been the people they are with the politics they have publicly for years, Henry has had to live in the public scrutiny of the internet hiding a part of who he is. While I can’t properly understand how hard that must have been, I can imagine that during that time he felt he had to censor what he said, so as not to be outed against his will. Where Chris and Brett and the other guys could make a political joke here and there, or tell a story about an old girlfriend, Henry had to keep those things bottled up. Now he’s at a place where he felt safe enough to come out and a lot of those things that he’s kept bottled up for years are all coming to the surface. Sometimes he gets angry about something, and for the first time he can talk about it freely. Even if these moments aren’t the most “entertaining” we should all be happy that Laser Time is a place where Henry felt comfortable enough to come out and a place where he feels comfortable enough to speak his mind. Personally I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. My main two films have both been on dvd but 9 years into the HD era have still yet to be released! True Lies and Bad boys 2! The dvd version of true lies is an abysmal transfer with a weird aspect ratio and Bad Boys 2 was shown as coming soon during early bluray advertisements back in 2006. What gives? At least Halloween 6 the producers cut finally got released last year and gues what? Still sucks but at least I can own it and now have the option of not watching it! And where is the abyss on bluray???

    1. Bad aspect ratios make baby Jesus cry. WTF? Is Cameron stuck in the Mariana Trench and not around to get decent releases of stuff? The Abyss was goddamn built for Blu-ray.

  6. Twice Upon a Time was on TCM a few months ago. It was bizarre. Nothing Lasts Forever was supposed to be on TCM a week or two ago, and I had my DVR set for it, but for some reason it looks like they didn’t show it. TCM’s a good place to get a lot of weird stuff.

    I think I saw Dirt Bike Kid, but it could have been the trailer that I saw along with Rad or Gleaming the Cube or something. Several movies in that period get all tied together in my memory, and there were trailers on the tapes for others that get all tied in, too.

    1. Right after we recorded this, TCM hit me up with Orson Welles’ Falstaff, Othello, and Macbeth (followed by Throne of Blood. TCM programmers, I love you so.) Macbeth was good, Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight) and Othello were fucking masterpieces and I’m now enraged they’re not widely seen. Othello is visually stunning, like if Bergman and Murnau vacationed in Spain.

  7. The Dirt Bike Kid was a childhood favorite of mine. It was part of a homemade VHS collection we had, mostly taped off of the Disney channel, along with Tommy Tricker & The Stamp Traveller, Flight of the Navigator, and Boogedy 2: The Bride of Boogedy. Old pilgrimy Boogedy still terrifies me to this day.

  8. There are many Japanese monster movies and old black and white creature features that still have yet to be on home video. Perhaps in Japan but no western release. Also if they did, they would still leave out Europe. Godzilla movie DVDs alone are huge import sellers on Amazon UK alone.

  9. This topic reminds me of the first DVD I bought, on the occasion of purchasing my Playstation 2 (which of course played DVDs). It was Fritz Lang’s black & white classic Metropolis, which I bought for $5 from Wal Mart, thus stumbling onto a film classic. At the time their was of course a limited supply of DVD titles, and being a middle schooler my pockets were not overflowing with cash, limiting me to the bargain bin.

  10. Awesome episode. You’ve given me some things to look up that I never knew I missed out on. I must have watched Moonwalker on VHS a million times. Loved the changing into a giant robot and then oddly a space ship stuff.

  11. I had to come and post a comment… I love RAD, I watched it hundreds of times as a kid and still do to this day. I would watch that movie and then go out on my bike and try and do the tricks that they did lol. The whole soundtrack to the movie is so great too!
    A few years back, my sister found me a “makeshift” copy of the movie on DVD that someone burned and put together to sell on Ebay. Needless to say, I loved it!


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