Laser Time’s Complete E3 2015 Experience


[UPDATE: E3 2015 is OVER! Relive the wonder of the E3 that was with Laser Time’s Reaction/Commentary videos for Xbox, Sony, EA, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and the PC Gaming show press conferences embedded below, plus out take on the final Metal Gear Solid V trailer and Kingdom Hearts 3!]

Excited for E3 21015? Cuz we here at Laser Time are, even if we aren’t attending in-person this year. We’re going to livestreaming our reactions to the press event right here, live! Watch along with us, cuz it’ll be fun, we promise!

22 thoughts on “Laser Time’s Complete E3 2015 Experience

  1. I’ll be back for the Nintendo press conference, the Microsoft one was surprising, I may actually get some use out of my Xbox one.

  2. Hope you guys put these on youtube, I prefer to watch the conference live without commentary but I would love a second viewing to hear what y’all have to say.

  3. As someone who didn’t really care for FF7 back in day, that FF7 announcement was kinda panty-dropping (in my mind) for me.

    1. I’m really nervous about it coming back into the gaming consciousness, it was a long game, and fun in many ways and hit me personally at a transitional time in my life, but that story…. veeeery flat. I’m afraid it won’t live up to the hype or peoples memories. :c

  4. Well I still need to watch the MS conference but hard to imagine anything topping that Sony one, damn. Great job doing these live streams you guys, more fun than watching them straight up by a long shot.

  5. D: I got off work this morning and fell asleep and missed basically everything!
    I’m looking at the internet exploding and I’m confyooooosed!
    I hope you guys post your coverage on YouTube.
    I wanna know how y’all feel about shenmue 3! I love that Japanese gaming has found a new life and caught a new wave on kickstarter. yummy.

  6. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been legitimately shocked by an E3 announcement, and it’s happened multiple times today. If Half Life 3 gets announced tomorrow I may spontaneously combust.

  7. Damn, gonna be going to see Jurassic World when Nintendo have their conference, wish I was there for you guys and that.

  8. You guys could totally highlight-reel these videos down to 5-6 minutes. It’s a little bit more work, but could give a higher viewership yield. Hyped to watch Hank lose his mind again!

  9. Star Fox looks great, other than that no real surprises that I’m interested in. Was really hoping for a new Chrono Trigger but looks like still nothing 🙁

  10. This has been a great E3 in my eyes I AM HYPED. my expectations were low but Fallout 4 is looks like the best game ever and is this fall. Mario maker looks great. New doom is not terrible. Halo looks competent and has new interesting looking multiplayer mode. New Mass Effect exists. Tons of weird sony stuff that was never supposed to happen happened FF7 Shin 3. Battlefront is coming soon. And thats a fraction of the good news coming out of E3. Only bad news is Sony kinda forgetting the vita exists, so that sucks. And i’ve that the VR demos on the show floor were really good.

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