Cheap Popcast #51 – Only in Dreams


The WWE’s lightning round of WWE Pay-Per-Views has concluded, so Dave, Hank, Carolyn, and Brett discuss Money in the Bank, attending impromptu house shows, and recount our favorite memories of the late, great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Dave and Hank also quickly convene to talk about Raw’s new developments and Brock Lesnar’s return for Battleground.



One thought on “Cheap Popcast #51 – Only in Dreams

  1. I feel weird being sad about Dusty’s death. I’ve never seen him in a match and the only time I’ve really seen him on WWE was when he appeared during Stardust and Goldust’s short feud.
    But from all the stories from wrestlers both young and old and watching the “hard times” promo multiple times it really does make me sad that he’s gone.
    I’m sure you guys will enlighten me more about Dusty in the episode.

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