Six games that nobody really wants on the Xbox One backwards compatiblity wishlist


Yeah, everyone wants their Calls of Duty, Fallouts, Left 4 Deads, and Gearses of Wars available to play on Xbox One, but what are the games that the public doesn’t mind seeing abandoned at the backwards compatible station? We’ve found out some of the least-clamored-for Xbox 360 games. Have you played any?

I have something of a soft spot for under-loved games. Back when I was at Official Xbox Magazine, when I often had free choice in picking new games to review, I’d often pick what were seemingly bad games. Partly as a way to palate-cleanse after reviewing great stuff but also as a way to discover hidden gems to champion, I’d usually end up covering utter crap like Hulk Hogan’s Main Event and Ride to Hell: Retribution, but once in a while I’d find the ugly duckling that turned out turned out to be a swan (like NBA Baller Beats or Lococycle).

Perhaps it was because of that predilection that when opened up a suggestion board for Xbox 360 games that fans wanted to see compatible with Xbox One, I was not surprised to see some familiar faces at the bottom of the request charts. While Red Dead Redemption and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim were garnering well over twenty thousand votes at the time of this article’s publication, some of the sadder stuff just barely cracked twenty total. What are these sad sacks of software that are 1/1000th as popular as the 360’s best? Here’s some of them.


One other thing I prided myself on at OXM was knowing about every single Xbox game hitting the market. Large and small, disc-based and Xbox Live Arcade… heck, even Kinect games were on my radar! Somehow this came out during the holiday season in 2012 and totally avoided my attention. Even the animated movie (which starred talent on the level of Chris Pine, Adam Baldwin, Jude Law, and Isla Fisher) remains a mystery to me. It’s a multiplayer beat-em-up featuring the most forgettable of Dreamworks’ creations. You probably won’t see many disc-based tie-ins to any major motion picture, let alone one that underwhelms audiences en masse like Rise of the Guardians.

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver, Double D Dodgeball, Don King Presents Prizefighter


Here’s a game I reviewed, giving a 7.0 to back when it released in October 2013. In retrospect, that was probably a half-to-full point too high… it had been two years since Portal 2, and a year since the next-best thing (Quantum Conundrum), and I think the absence of anything like it at the time buoyed my opinion a tad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty decent first-person gravity-puzzle game, but it’s a few steps behind Portal (and Quantum Conundrum) in almost every regard. The characters aren’t as funny, the puzzles aren’t as seamless, and the story doesn’t really grab you like other first-person puzzle games. Anyone who wanted to recommend this probably voted for Portal 1, Portal 2, and Quantum Conundrum, and forgot there was anything else like it on the 360.

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… MegaMind: Ultimate Showdown, Where the Wild Things Are, Winter Sports 2010


Supremacy MMA is the perfect game for somebody who’s watched a UFC match and thought, “this is too classy.” Instead of true world-class athletes testing their mixed-martial arts pedigrees against each other, this game features a roster that I’m sure is entirely populated by clones of the douche from NOS Energy Drink commercial, as they punch each other into pools of blood. Supremacy MMA controls like a QTE instead of a fast-paced sports game, has grating metal playing instead of announcers educating you on the competition, and was sold in stores instead of being put on XBLA where it would have at least conserved hundreds of pounds of plastic and paper.

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… Dance! It’s your Stage, Yo-Ho Kablammo, Check vs Mate, Madballs Babo: Invasion

3 – R.B.I. BASEBALL 14 – 23 VOTES

This game sure struck out, huh.

Another game I reviewed with high hopes was R.B.I. Baseball 14; as a fan who would track stats on loose-leaf paper while playing NES and SNES baseball sims, I had an open heart when this one stepped in as a pinch hitter after the demise of the MLB 2K series left the Xbox devoid of a game dedicated to America’s pastime. Unfortunately, R.B.I Baseball was the antithesis of Sony’s award-winning MLB The Show last year; R.B.I.’s players all look the same, there’s no stat tracking to make playing seasons feel like a real progression, you can’t trade players to improve your team, and pitchers die after five innings while nobody else suffers an injury, ever. I guess it still technically plays like a baseball game in the way that the two people in a loveless marriage are still spouses, but I can’t remember a sports game as dreary as R.B.I. Baseball 14. Where’s my Supremacy MLB, huh?

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… Hail to the Chimp, Merv Griffin’s Crosswords, DreamWorks Kartz, High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance


Right off the bat… how much time does one spend with coffee, really? Unless you’re a Starbucks barista or a person with bowels of steel, scheduling more than 45 minutes of coffee time per day is bad news for your body. Even if you dedicated your entire caffeine-consuming schedule to this crossword simulator, you’d find that that there’s so many reasons to quit cold turkey. The major reason is that the letter-selection process (the entirety of playing with crosswords) is a completely arduous one where you have to dial each letter into the puzzle. It also has the worst graphics I’ve ever seen in a crossword video game (and I’ve played a few on the Nintendo DS where the concept works). My theory: the name “Coffeetime” actually came from the fact that a developer at Konami put this together over the course of a single coffee break.

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… Field & Stream, Geon, American Mensa Academy

1 – SBK X – 21 VOTES

Not so super now, are ya, superbike?! With all apologies to Mike Grimm, this looks like the least super of SouthPeak’s motorcycle simulation series, for sure. Actually, I have no idea if that’s true. When I first saw the name above I thought it was referring to a cassette tape brand, but it’s actually a motorcycle game. If I had to guess, it’s the game people play after they’ve run out of Achievements in MotoGP, since all of the games in that franchise exist in the rarefied air of games with 35 or so votes. Well I for one, salute you, SBK X. Somebody has to finish in last, right?

TIED WITH THE LIKES OF… Nothing. At press time, this alone occupied the nadir of the Xbox One wishlist.

Do you recognize anything at the bottom of the Xbox One wishlist? Was I too mean? Sound off with your comments below or drop me a line on Twitter @daverudden!

9 thoughts on “Six games that nobody really wants on the Xbox One backwards compatiblity wishlist

  1. Since they opened the vote, I’ve exclusively voted for exclusives that nobody remembers in the hope that they could live just long enough for a hypothetical emulation community to notice and catalogue them. Viking: Battle for Asgard, Bulletwitch, Neverdead and Mindjack to name a few. Weirdly enough, the amazing cultish RPGs I thought I would have to champion like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Dragon’s Dogma all already had well over 1500 votes each. Yay for lasting communities.

  2. I voted for Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, which can’t be far off this list. It’s a good game though!

  3. I really thought bullet witch was terrible. Most of what I want to see has potential for HD remakes, or already has a remake announced like Halo and Gears

  4. Ride to Hell retribution should be backwards compatible! Its so buggy , cheaply made and gut wrenching that Its a Classic !

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