New Feature Coming to Laser Time: MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE

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We’ve kicked off an all-new feature thanks to our Patreon, but you can play along FREE for the next two weeks starting at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern)

[UPDATE: Our rocky first attempt is embedded below for all to enjoy. Next week, we’re going Back to the Future!]

What is the Monday Night Movie? Well, we’ve been making stuff for the web for almost a decade now and we’re always on the look out for new ways to experience the stuff we love together, as technology takes a big advantageous shit all over traditional avenues of entertainment. If someone told you millions of people would be watching others play video games 20 years ago, you probably would’ve spit Crystal Pepsi all up in their face.

The same could be said about a rinky-dink podcast operation supporting itself via movie commentaries! So Monday Night Movies is basically our attempt at marrying those two ideas. Let’s take the live, participatory element of video game live streams and combine them with commentating over new and classic movies we all love, maybe even hate, and/or are maybe just curious about and don’t want to watch alone. Plain and Simple: We want to watch a movie with you. Every week.

Okay, so obviously we can’t go and stream a movie on Twitch or YouTube, but these will essentially function the same as all our other movie commentaries, Rifftax, or any other unofficial movie commentaries you may’ve experienced. We’ll let you know a sync point, and then we’ll all start watching a movie at the exact same time. Chat feedback may be a bit delayed, but we’ll still be bringing the same dynamic fun and poop joke of a game stream to another activity we all love doing anyway. You know how Twitter lights up during season finales? MTM is like that without the time zone disparity and higher quality control! (Does anybody remember my attempt at this experience years ago with #LiveNimh via Twitter? Seriously, that was fun as hell.)

Will it work? Who knows! But I certainly think so… so during the next two weeks, we’ll be doing a bit of a “soft launch” and you can play along for FREE. Better still, all Patreon donors under the $5 tier will be receiving an MP3 commentary of the Monday Night Movie experience to enjoy at their leisure. All you need to do is procure a copy of the movie and have a computer with access to an internet connection. It’d be nice if you purchased it through our Amazon, but let us know if you need help finding “free options.”


Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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With an all-new entry in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s murderous robot franchise coming soon, we’re headed back to the apex of the series originated by James Cameron. Look, I don’t have a nice way to say this: You should want to watch this movie. Like, all the time. We all have our doubts about the potential bigscreen fan fiction that is Terminator: Genisys, but you should always be in the mood to watch T2, and the timing is just a great excuse. C’mon, that kid from Salute Your Shorts is in it!

Don’t care for Terminator 2? Please don’t tell me! I already like you and this could seriously fracture things between us. But just so you know, next week’s totally FREE episode will be celebrating a certain film’s 30th anniversary. And it involves time travel. And it’s buried somewhere in this box.

We actually have a complete schedule made up of the movies we’ll be watching together, with a couple of slots open for wildcards, Patreon donors, and anything else happening in the zeitgeist. If you don’t want to participate in our Patreon, that’s cool (*hides seething resentment*) MTM movie commentaries will be available a la carte over on our Bandcamp page. But do you really want to miss out on reactions like these?

Again, we’re in the “soft launch” or testing phase. Part of our Patreon is helping keep our equipment up to date, AND WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, our capture card has picked today to completely shit the bed. I’ll be working with tech support but come hell or high water, we’ll be watching the shit out of Terminator 2 at 6PM Pacific today and you should too.

Thanks again, everyone.

13 thoughts on “New Feature Coming to Laser Time: MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE

  1. I got the commentaries for Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Boy howdy is Laser-Time ever a good fit for audio commentaries!
    Also I watched the Sony Press Event stream, so I guess I’m a Laser-Time super-fan in this comment. I can’t believe how spot-on you always are with guessing my favorite stuff, Back to the Future is like my Top-3.

    You should make the Patreon link in this article it’s own highlighted, isolated section like you did with “THIS WEEK’S MOVIE”, because I scrolled right passed the big text-block.

  2. Oh, wow! It’s just like how I watch Kung Pow, except you need to need to bring your own copy, I don’t like the selection, and I can barely afford to show up. Now that I think about things, it’s more like how I watch Marvel movies.

  3. I have my doubts I’ll ever be able to catch these live as I don’t own any movies physically and my digital library is small as well.
    Can’t wait to watch and listen later once I get my hands on the movie, though!

  4. Uh-oh… what program are we using to chat? I don’t know if I’m using some sort of blocker that’s obscuring the link, but I don’t want to miss this just because of my own idiocy. Anyway, I’ve already got T2 on file, so I’ll hopefully be in unless a trail of M&Ms leads me into an ominous dark cave.

  5. I’ve backed via Patreon, but not sure I’ll be able to do these as half the time I have NO IDEA what version you guys are watching.

    Good example: The Avengers. Desperately want to watch that, but haven’t a clue which version LT is commenting on. I thought they were all the same, but I own more than one and have downloaded several others to try, and nothing’s working. All the versions of the film I have seem to be longer than the one you’re commenting on.

  6. Can’t wait to be a part of this! I think I have a great pick for when you guys open up the movie selection to patron selections.

    This is a great reason to revisit this movie. Thanks LT!

    1. Well I clicked the amazon link and it sends me to the Director’s Cut. It is 2 minutes longer than my Skynet Edition Blu Ray but I doubt it is all that different.

  7. I wish I could participate but closing shifts be dammed! I love the idea though! You guys should do the Goofy movie after mentioning it on the Shame Song episode.

  8. You wonderful bastards, you remembered! Once the month ends and I get to the patreon hopefully I’ll be making some movie suggestions as well.

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