There’s A New Contender For Best Wrestling Match Of 2015


An hour of lucha that rivals anything WWE, NXT, and New Japan have done all year…

Henry Gilbert here again, and when I’m not hosting Cape Crisis or endlessly promoting a Patreon (did you know there’s a Laser Time Patreon!?!?!), I watch ‘fake’ sports as intently as some watch ‘real’ sports. The athleticism, the drama, the skill involved in creating a great pro wrestling match is something I really appreciate. To find a truly memorable match is the dragon every wrestling addict chases, and I watch lots of WWE, NXT, and New Japan in search of it. However, after this last week, it’s Lucha Underground that has bragging rights to the best match of 2015 so far.

I don’t have the El Rey network (or really any cable for that matter), so I’ve only been sporadically watching the show. Last week, Lucha Underground hosted its first-ever All Night Long match, aka an hour long iron man match. I adore the grueling, points-based drama of the rarely seen iron man match, but I hadn’t seen one this good in a VERY long time. If you’re new to Lucha Underground, this stars champion Prince Puma (you may know him as the impossibly agile Ricochet) defending his title against Johnny Mundo (John Morrison in WWE).

These are two of the most physically gifted wrestlers on Earth right now, and Lucha Underground gave them a whole hour to get as creative as possible in this massively hard-hitting match! Someone posted an HD version of the full-episode match below, and it has to be seen to be believed!

Lucha Underground is perhaps the most consistently good wrestling show on TV, even if many wrestling fans aren’t paying full attention, myself included. I’m hoping Puma/Mundo gets the recognition they deserve when people are talking about their favorite moments of the year. I also hope people remember the second best lucha I saw this year, Grave Consequences. This has to be the best casket match ever, right?

If you have El Rey, you’d be a fool not to catch each new episode every Wednesday – and cross your fingers for a second season renewal. And follow the official YouTube page, because they post a match from each week’s show so you can see their greatest hits. And as long as we’re talking about YT, here’s some of Laser Time’s best wrestling streams?

2 thoughts on “There’s A New Contender For Best Wrestling Match Of 2015

  1. YES! I make it a point to watch LU every week, it’s the best goddamn wrestling show around at the moment.

  2. YES! Seriously it annoys me how little mentioned LU is on Cheap Popcast. Been on board since episode 1, easily the most entertaining promotion on TV. I wouldve agreed with you about MOTY but I just watched Bullet Club vs The Kingdom from ROH Best in the World and iys too close to call. Actually yeah Puma Mundo just edges it out I think forgot about the insane table spot

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