Weekly Nintendo Streaming Begins Today – Thank You, Patrons!


One early milestone of the Laser Time Patreon was us starting a weekly Nintendo streams, and that will begin with Beginnings at 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern!

That’s right, thanks to that our incredibly generous Patrons we’re starting a weekly stream of Nintendo games! And we’re starting newsworthy with the just released port of EarthBound Beginnings aka Mother!

And subscribe to LaserTime on Twitch.TV! Can’t make our live shows? No worries. We archive EVERYTHING at YouTube.com/LaserTimeNetwork alongside neat original vids, so subscribe there too!

Oh, and if you missed the subtle mentions before, check out the LaserTime Patreon and chip in for cool new audio/video goodness if you wish! Tell every friend you know!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Nintendo Streaming Begins Today – Thank You, Patrons!

  1. Patreon currently sitting at $6223. that’s incredible, I’m thrilled the fans came together and made this possible.

  2. I would love to see Chris show off his Mario 2 skills like he did in the Super Mario All Stars FAP, and I’d love to see Brett do another Zelda dungeon series.

    1. wait… is this going to be like the old FAPS? I wish they really would play through more games in their entirety or to near completion.

      1. No, I think these streams will be like their other streams. I just remember Chris saying he could get through a lot of Mario 2 in one sitting in the old FAP, and those Dungeon FAPs were like 45 minutes each. I don’t know if a while series is possible but I’m just writing want my inner LaserTime/GR fanboy wants.

  3. Blimey still haven’t even started earthbound yet, i had better get a move on, thank god im unemployed

  4. The streams this week have been excellent, but this particular video has quite a bit of background noise/distortion. The distortion is present on both YouTube and the Twitch archive. It’s particularly obvious any time there is silence.

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