Reach Out For The Truth In Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Exciting Opening


We couldn’t stop it, just set it free and DANCE!

Henry Gilbert here again, host of Cape Crisis, co-head of the Laser Time Patreon, and the site’s leading Persona fan. In general I’m a big fan of any quality JRPG, but this Shin Megami Tensei spin-off has become my favorite series currently going. The dungeon crawling, demanding battles, and empathetic writing all make it tops, and Persona’s music is some of the best in the genre. Hell, I loved it so much I did a whole podcast on the subject. In fact, Persona 4’s music is so great that a Vita exclusive spin-off is coming this year.

Co-developed with the folks behind the Hatsune Miku games, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has the team of teen investigators return to the Midnight Channel to save a poor lost soul, and this time they’re going save the day via DANCE. The game won’t be out in America till late September – there’s even a Disco Fever Special Edition – but the Japanese opening appeared on YouTube today. It’s so full of energy, thanks to a hardy remix of the soundtrack, that I simply had to share it below!

Jeez, I had no idea someone in a bear suit could be that graceful. As long as I’m on the subject of dancing mascots, check out how well Teddie/Kuma looks in his trailer. He’s truly the Disco King.

So, if anyone tells you that the Vita doesn’t have any original games, point them to this gem and its predecessor, Persona 4 Golden. If they ask you to name more than than, well… it might be easier to distract them and run away than name another game. However, if you need more JRPG love, check out the Laser Time Team playing Mother/EarthBound Beginnings!

4 thoughts on “Reach Out For The Truth In Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Exciting Opening

  1. This game looks magically delicious. Japan is really missing out on their own anime-themed Step Up 2 Da Streetz dance film

  2. Never in a million years did I think I’d be buying a game like this.
    But I’m hooked on Persona so It’ll probably happen.

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