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In celebration of a certain shark’s 40th anniversary, the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws was re-released to theaters this week — and because we seize literally any excuse to bring up Jaws games, we’ve created a whole Top 5 around them, which should be enough to keep Mikel from mentioning Jaws Unleashed for at least a while. Then it’s on to talk about Batman: Arkham Knight, Yoshi’s Woolly World’s early release abroad, some lingering E3 impressions, and your favorite moments from E3 2015.

Question of the Week

Which canceled game were you most disappointed to see disappear?



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18 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 118 – Jawsercise

    1. Well I am wearing a legit Walmart “Paws” shirt that is sure to warm the hearts of all cat lovers who gaze upon it and surely violates at least 2 copyright laws as well!

  1. Interested in hearing some Arkham Knight talk. Been kinda obsessed with the game since I went to the midnight launch…

    1. I went to a midnight launch at my local Bestbuy in the hopes of snaging one of those sweet Arkham Knight PS4! Sadly they were all pre sold but just being around fellow Batman fans was worth the trip.

  2. Qotw: castlevania: resurrection on dreamcast. I pre ordered my dreamcast when I heard a castlevania game was getting made for it, that got canned but the DC ended up being one of my favourite consoles so I owe that to castlevania I guess.
    Footage shown from the cancelled game looks terrible anyway. ..well still better then cv: judgment at least.

  3. It’s all been leading up to this. This is VGA’s Avengers Assemble equivalent, for sure.

  4. it happened, the top 7 had me laughing to tears. it’s was the Bing Crosby bit that pushed it over the edge. jesus fuck

  5. Qotw: As someone who put hundreds of hours into the N64 Ken Griffey Jr. games, I was really excited for Nintendo’s MLB Pennant Chase. I played a lot of solo seasons as a teenager in the 90’s, and my best friend and I played countless 2 player World series’s in our 20’s (with built in cannabis rewards for home runs, triple plays, and grand slams) Therefore, I was super excited for Nintendo’s style of arcade baseball gameplay. When it was delayed, I was hoping it was because they were moving it to the Wii. Except for MLB Power Pros, I haven’t liked a single baseball game since Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest, and was disappointed with each year that went by with no announcement. Come on Angel Studios, let’s get some Robinson Cano’s Double Play.

  6. I like the batmobile but I hate that the game makes you use it so much, especially tank battles.
    Also whats the music at 1:07:00 from?

  7. Chris’s opinion of the Arkham games is about the experience I had, I got Asylum because I heard good things, and loved it, City was okay, but seemed to be missing something, and I’m waiting for Knight to come in, but waiting for a patch or doesn’t seem to be a bad idea, and I expect it’ll be fun enough, but not as good as Asylum.

  8. QOTW: For the longest time, I was super disappointed Shenmue 3 was cancelled….. Anyways, my answer now would be the vita version of Bioshock Infinite. I wasn’t disappointed at the announcement initially, it wasn’t until Ken Levine said it would have been a “Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture.”. I love SRPGs, and I would love to see something done in that era. I guess I’ll just have to stick with XCOM and Massive Chalice.

  9. I would love to see prey 2,
    Fear effect 3, and silent hills.
    The gameplay trailer for prey 2looked amazing.
    Fear effect 3 had a gameinformer cover story and i love the series’ literal life or death puzzles. Was so looking forward to silent hills, p.t. was awesome.

  10. Chris, THANK YOU for saying that metroid prime federation force is a huge signal that a bigger metroid game is coming. That was precisely my sentiment. The overreaction was insane. I don’t premember ANYONE getting pissed over Metroid Prime Hunters, or metroid prime PINBALL. Because they were teasers usually released a year before a new Prime title. 2004 was Echoes, 2005 was pinball, 2006 was Hunters, 2007 was Corruption.

    This could be the start of a new cycle. I’m excited. They are just whining about a style and gameplay choice. It’s a spinoff. Just be happy that this means something big is gonna come from metroid. Plus, 3rd person shooter online coop on 3ds? WHY ARE YOU PISSED?

  11. QOTW: At the time of its announcement, I was very excited for Castlevania: Resurrection. However, all the media released for it did nothing to convince me it wasn’t sloppy ass. Good games don’t get cancelled, right?

    StarCraft: Ghost, on the other hand, looked to be very far along in development and looked like quite a competent action game.

    Additionally, there was briefly a Vectorman reboot slated for the PS2. I was excited merely for the resurrection of the brand, but it sure didn’t look like my V-baby.

  12. I’m way behind as usual but listened, this may be my favourite episode of the show, was corpsing at work during the first section, well done and keep up the good work!

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