Unreal 4 Makes Mario Look Fantastic In This Fan Creation


Mario has never looked more realistic when grabbing floating coins…

Henry Gilbert here again, known for hosting Cape Crisis, constantly promoting the Laser Time Patreon, and being the biggest Mario fan in the gaming press. Seriously, I won a LOT of Mario merchandise and love pretty much everything he appeared in. Being such a huge fan also makes me appreciate when I see other devotees to the mascot express their affection in some form, be it a cake, a song, or a custom demo in Unreal Engine 4. The latter is what happened today when developer/YouTuber aryoksini uploaded this new video showing the portly character hopping around in the realistic worlds of UE4.

Just look at how the light and shadow play off Nintendo’s biggest star when he does a butt stomp! Now, this Mario meets Unreal project has been a bit of a passion project for aryoksini. Earlier this year they were responsible for the snazziest Super Mario 64 remake of all time, only to have it taken down by Nintendo. That didn’t stop us from streaming it though – sadly, I wasn’t on this stream because I had a stupid thing called a job. Thank goodness that’s over!

Pretty sweet, huh? Makes you wonder if Mario will look anything like this on NX, Nintendo’s next console. Though, Nintendo so rarely uses middleware like UE4, I doubt it’ll use any of the same tools. Regardless, leave your thought in the comments, mainly because I really want to read them.

4 thoughts on “Unreal 4 Makes Mario Look Fantastic In This Fan Creation

  1. This was a total joy. Mario is so out of place in these environments, but it’s fun to see him use any location as a playground. I’m not a PC gamer, but I’m assuming these stages are from some popular titles. Can anybody name them all?

  2. Really cool video, just weird because he is so out of place in those environments. Also kind of bugs me how static the environments are. They are gorgeous but nothing interacts. He just kind of floats over the ground/puddles. But that’s me nitpicking.

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