This Trailer For I Am Chris Farley Will Make You Laugh And Cry (Mainly Cry)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: THE BEST OF CHRIS FARLEY -- Pictured: (l-r) Chris Farley, David Spade, Christina Applegate  (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The first trailer for this new documentary is as funny as it is painful…

Henry Gilbert, the Cape Crisis host who still can’t deal with how well our Laser Time Patreon is performing. And I have a ‘hot take’ for ya: It’s really sad that Chris Farley is dead. It hurts to think such a comedic force died at 33 years old, only achieving a small portion of what he could with his immense talent. Just imagine what it was like to be his friend and family, knowing how wonderful and entertaining such a person is, and then seeing his existence end thanks to a lifetime of addiction. I’d bet it’s a bit like watching this trailer, only it takes up your whole life.

For a generation who grew up watching his SNL appearances and reenacting scene after scene from Tommy Boy, I Am Chris Farley is an overdue tribute to the man. And it looks like they’re talking with all the people who knew Farley best, from costars like David Spade, to Chris’ brother, to Bob Odenkirk, the man who wrote the goddamn perfect motivational speaker sketch Foley made famous. For those that didn’t live through it, it looks to be an informative encapsulation of the man’s brief life and how it touched so many people, and it includes some little seen interviews and other archival footage. We’ll all be able to see it when it’s out in a little over a month.

This touching trailer reminds me of the excellent book, The Chris Farley Show. It’s a deeply personal and massive oral history of the man’s life, and it’ll fill you with appreciation for his legacy alongside anger that he didn’t get to enjoy more time on this Earth. Seriously, if Farley can do such great stuff with a pile of crap like Black Sheep, imagine what he would’ve done in a good movie. The mind boggles at the possibility of him working with all the great comedy actors, writers, and directors of the last 16 years.

So yeah, I’ll definitely be watching this touching documentary soon. In the meantime, to prevent this article from being a total bummer, here’s one of my favorite Farley scenes of all time. It always makes me smile, even with Adam Sandler hanging around…

5 thoughts on “This Trailer For I Am Chris Farley Will Make You Laugh And Cry (Mainly Cry)

  1. Oh man, that is going to be so good. I mean, they managed to make me feel sympathy for David Spade, for Christ’s sake!

  2. my god, this guy. I loved him as a kid, and if it’s even possible I feel like he’s even funnier now. he was assuredly instrumental in developing my own sense of humour. if you asked me “what’s funny?”, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first thing out of my mouth is “Chris Farley”.

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