Bojack is back, jack! Check out the new trailer for Bojack Horseman season 2


Less than a year since the unique animated series’ debut, BoJack Horseman is returning for a second season on Netflix. Check out the first trailer, featuring more of what BoJack does best; complaining, making half-hearted attempts at recovery, putting in poor acting performances, and getting laid!

The first season of BoJack Horseman took some getting used to; even in a world where cartoon shows can create weird universes with deeply developed characters, BoJack’s first impression of a wacky animal/human Hollywood comedy quickly evolved into a wacky animal/human Hollywood dramedy. For as much as BoJack Horseman’s first season showed the titular star indulging in various Tinseltown vices, it also showed him suffer for being thrown through the gauntlet of LA stardom.

If you experienced the first season (if not, it’ll only take a few hours to blast through the 12-episode collection), you’ll be glad to see that great mixture return for season 2 on July 17, as shown in the trailer above. After a return to the limelight by getting the main role in a Secretariat biopic, BoJack just has that much further to fall with hubris and addiction waiting in the wings. The first season deftly toed the line between hilarious and depressing and I hope that the best voice cast on television (featuring Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Aaron Paul and Alison Brie) can keep it up. Only on a show like BoJack would I worry about Lisa Kudrow’s addition as BoJack’s love interest… everyone knows BoJack and his human ghostwriter friend Diane Nguyen belong together!

Did you watch the first season of BoJack Horseman? Are you looking forward to the second? Does Netflix win the summer with BoJack and Wet Hot American Summer coming out in the same month? Sound off below!

3 thoughts on “Bojack is back, jack! Check out the new trailer for Bojack Horseman season 2

  1. Did the D get returned at the end of the first season? That was my favorite part of the show, realizing that in the titles there was no D in the Hollywoo sign after a certain point, and going back to see if it was there at the beginning (it was.) I didn’t think that much about Bojack when it started, but I ended up watching all bu the first two at one time. I hope they don’t have any more Horsin’ Around, that wasn’t even funny, just making a show with all the tropes of sitcoms, that we have to endure again and again. The Christmas episode was really terrible.

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