Rocky spin-off “Creed” has a trailer that’s already better than the last two Rocky movies


Ever wonder what would happen if the son of Rocky Balboa’s greatest opponent decided to become a boxer? I hadn’t before either, but now that I’ve seen the trailer for Creed, I’m hopeful that this will be the best Rocky movie in thirty years.

For as much as I had heard good things about Creed while it was in pre-production, I was plenty worried about the Rocky spin-off due to a variety of reasons. While Michael B. Jordan has a near-perfect track record of top-tier shows and movies, his co-starring role in a Zac Efron rom-com proved that not every script he touches turned to gold. Director Ryan Coogler had a great debut with the heart-breaking indie hit Fruitvale Station, but I worried that a big-budget franchise would be a perfect recipe for a sophmore jinx. Most importantly, the last two movies in the Rocky franchise have been pretty big disappointments, filled with poorly-developed antagonists, terrible twists, and a continued focus on Rocky’s son. Fortunately, the first trailer for Rocky-spinoff Creed has alleviated many of my doubts and has me hopeful that this will be the best Rocky movie since Rocky IV in 1985. Check out the trailer below.

Jordan seems to have scored a knockout with his role as Adonis Creed, mixing some of Carl Weathers’ cockiness with a bit of distrust and anguish that likely comes with never really knowing a father who was taken too soon. For as much as Sylvester Stallone has lowered the stock of his most famous character with his performances (and storyline changes) in Rocky V and Rocky Balboa, if Creed keeps the same tone as the trailer, things will work out. Rocky will be far from the focal point, but featured enough to harvest nostalgia and add context to Jordan’s performance. I’m still unsure whether I want to hear the traditional Rocky theme or “Eye of the Tiger,” but I can’t deny that sights like Creed running through the streets of Philadephia and Rocky using the speedbags alongside his enemy-turned-friend’s son brought back some of the excitement Rocky had during his first decade as a fictional fighter.

There’s still much more to know about this movie. Will widowers Clair Huxtable and Rocky Balboa hit it off? Will Rocky even mention his previous protege who couldn’t carry a movie? The answers to both of those questions are likely negative, but I’m positive I’ll be at the theaters this Thanksgiving when the Creed hits theaters… with his fists!

10 thoughts on “Rocky spin-off “Creed” has a trailer that’s already better than the last two Rocky movies

  1. Boxing movies are the strangest thing, I love a ton of them but have zero interest in the real life sport they are based on. Something about training montages I guess.

    I am right there with you in looking forward to this now Dave, always good to see Wire people in more stuff.

    1. I thought the same thing when I saw Avon talking to Wallace. Now I might go watch Season 1 again

  2. I could not disagree with you more, Dave! Rocky Balboa was a pleasant surprise. I loved it! Was it unrealistic? Sure. All the Rocky movies are. You can’t box 12 rounds and get constantly punched in the head, the way Rocky does in every movie, and live. It was inspirational and fun. That’s what I expect from Rocky movies.

  3. Rocky V was ass, but Rocky Balboa was fine. Not as good as the first four movies, but so much better than V

  4. Dude, Dave! What fucking movie did you see? Rocky Balboa was fantastic! Rocky V shit the bed but Rocky Balboa was great. Rocky VI made me believe when I shouldn’t have.

    Michael B Jordan seems a bit small to be the believable son of Carl Weathers but I guess no more so than Hulk Hogan’s real life son is compared to Hulk.

    1. Yeah, Balboa was actually pretty great. My only complaint is the happy “everyone’s a winner” ending. It completely throws away the “go the distance” point of the first.

  5. Rocky Balboa was pretty good IMO. There are some storylines I could have lived without. The character Marie being all grown up and being such a big part of the movie is a toss up for me. I’m not sure if I like the character or not. I love the relationship between Rocky and his son. The actual boxing match was a bit of a joke sadly. It’s hard to pretend a man in his 60’s whose much shorter than his opponent standing an actual chance in the ring. Even if said opponent has a broken wrist. But the nostalgia…

    1. Wish there was an edit feature… I’d like to add that I hope this movie is as great as the trailer.

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