Laser Time – You’re So Vain


What happens when a celebrity becomes too powerful and makes their dreams come true? Art, hubris, or comedy? We investigate…


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32 thoughts on “Laser Time – You’re So Vain

  1. Has a vanity project ever worked out extremely well?
    I’m also reminded of LT’s episode about animated vanity projects, which is definitely a highlight in my mind.

  2. Dear Scientology, Moan4stallone does not agree with any opinions or points of views portrayed durring this episode; so please dont forget to give me your Tom Cruise style riches when it comes time to pick your next movie star, sincerely, M4S

    Who am I kidding, Battlefield Earth was hot garbage and id rather get a Sarah Conner leg wound, then to ever watch it again!

  3. Battlefield Earth is worth an episode all for itself.


  4. You did a great job with this one hank, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I grew up as a christian but not one anymore, i watched the passion of the christ in my teens with my youth leader at a friends house, he told us he cried when he first watched it. well there was no tears from me, its visually a good movie but other than that its quite bad. so yeah there were a group of christians that got really into it. when you mentioned if you looked up a clip and its just mostly screaming it just brought me back to that south park episode, they had it spot on!

  5. I remember seeing Battlefield Earth when it came out in theaters and I had no idea at the time what Scientology was or that those people were nuts. But I did actually end up liking the movie, I felt it was a solid B-Movie plot, even though some aspects were just ridiculous. Ah, the innocence of youth.

  6. XD I’m glad Chris said something because all this time I’ve assumed Kayfabe was y’all saying somones name and making it mean lame.
    this episode…GREAT!
    so weird exploring the self indulgent nature of stars and pseudo stars. haha

    also, I totally DO understand what Chris is saying about Jaden Smith.

  7. fucking great episode. I can think of 100 other good topics too. looking forward to part 2, and that Battlefield Earth commentary.
    “while you were learning to SPELL YOUR NAME! I! was trained. TO CONQUER GALAXIES!”

  8. Ah I’m an unapologetic big band/swing/old jazz kinda music.
    I love listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday.
    But I totally understand where Grimm’s hatred is coming from. I love the stuff, though.

  9. This episode reminded me of that one time that I was flipping through channels late at looking for Girls Gone Wild infomercials when I was a kid and Battlefield: Earth was playing on Sci-Fi. I wated it for about 5 minutes before I gave up on it and started looking for pixelated, blurred out or mosaiced titties again. At the time I had assumed that it was just some Sci-Fi original movie and didn’t happen to have any kind of budget, much less one that could afford Forrest Whitaker and John Travolta. I kinda want to go back to it as a hate-watch double feature with Catwoman.

    1. I enjoyed it too… I have friends who walked out after 15 minutes. I just… I don’t understand.

  10. Now I wouldn’t call the movies made by Mel Brooks vanity projects, but I could see why. When you direct multiple movies and give yourself many starring roles, ego is certainly a factor. Though imagining anyone but him making a silent movie or a black and white Frankenstein spoof is unimaginable.

    On the note of Mac the Knife, noted Guro fan and all around crazy person Miike Takashi made a movie a while ago called Lessons of Evil, where the song Mac the knife is used tastefully as an entire class of japanese kids are brutally murdered. I know this will never happen, but a monday night movie of a Miike Takashi movie would be a strange and horrifying experience for all involved.

  11. Is The Brown Bunny a vanity project? I mean, the director stars in it, and the end of the movie is his real-life girlfriend giving him a blowjob on camera.

    1. Oh man. That movie causes so many conflicts in my head. I hate it, but at the same time understand and like what it tried to do. I would totally see it as a vanity project.

  12. Interesting episode. Grimm was raging a bit too much. I thought he was about to Hulk out. I would love for you guys to do a part 2 in the future. Maybe of some more obscure vanity projects.

    Did Prince ever do anything that would be considered a vanity project? I’m not familiar with his cinematic work, but I know he’s been in a few movies. How about any of Sylvester Stallone’s movies from recent years? I don’t have any problems with them, but you could consider movies like Rambo, Rocky Balboa and the Expendables franchise as vanity pieces.

  13. Great show. You guys really should have an episode just dedicated to athletes who rap/sing. Besides Shaq, the list is ridiculous!

    – Deion Sanders
    – Kobe Bryant
    – Allen Iverson
    – Ron Artest/Metta World Peace
    – Tony Parker (raps in French!)
    – Kareem Rush (doing R&B instead of rapping)
    – Darryl Strawberry (Holy crap! Not only can he hit a homerun for Mr. Burns, but he raps.)
    – Floyd Mayweather
    – Manny Pacquiao

    This is just off the top of my head. There’s a much, much more.

  14. So you made a post and then a post in a different place linking to that post which is just useless complaining?

    1. I just said I don’t know if they read the forums, and I wanted them to see it.

      Chris complains about dwindling listener numbers, not enough people visiting the actual site AND talks about attracting new people…So I pointed out what they could change to make the site more approachable to new listeners and a better experience for current fans (like you and me). I don’t think it’s fair to call that “useless complaining”.

      1. There are many reasonable points brought up in this post. An ‘about’ page would be useful, and a link to the patreon on the front page is a good idea. It’s not just useless complaining because it is constructive and obviously is rooted purely in a desire to see lasertime become even more successful.

        Congratulations on the patreon bonanza by the way guys, it is richly deserved!

  15. My best friend and I have always bonded over watching incredibly terrible movies. This started back in highschool, over a decade ago, with Battlefield Earth. I still remember us sitting in his basement, watching that festering turd of a movie, giggling our asses off. “Are you out of your skull-bone, rat-brain?” is still a line I quote at least once a week.

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