Several Seconds Of New X-Files Footage Has Been Released!


As part of a countdown to the new season, get ready to relive Mulder and Scully’s adventures from the beginning…

The predicted 2012 apocalypse has come and gone, there was a disappointing movie, and all our conspiracy fears of the ’90s went away after September 11. However, the chemistry between Mulder and Scully will never die, which is why we’re getting a whole new, six episode X-Files ‘event series’ early next year. And today we got our first glimpse of what this update will look like…

Yes, that is the teasingest of teasers, showing you several seconds of new footage along with some new dialogue, but that’s enough to get this lapsed conspiracy lover excited. The nostalgia waves hitting with seeing those iconic moments washes away any disappointment I may have felt with how the series ended or how much I enjoy the standalone episodes than the mythology ones at this point. This just makes me want to switch on Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch it all over againfrom the beginning.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly the point of this trailer. July 7 marks 201 days until the January 24 premiere of the new series, which means you could watch an episode a day to prime yourself for the show’s return. You can relive the series high points, see that some episodes you didn’t like were better than you remember, and recognize all over again that Gillian Anderson is an ageless beauty who can perform an autopsy better than anyone.

Will you take on the 201 days of X-Files challenge? Will you at least rewatch some of the series best, like my personal favorites Bad Blood, Small Potatoes, and X-Cops (not coincidentally all were written by Vince (Breaking Bad) Gilligan). Share your own X-memories below, and remeber the truth is out there… or was it fight the future? I can never keep it straight. Whatever the case, don’t forget about our Laser Time Patreon! (You know I’d sneak that in somehow.)

7 thoughts on “Several Seconds Of New X-Files Footage Has Been Released!

  1. Hoo boy! this is exciting if you love Scully in this you should really check out the Fall i think its on netflix, she is a total calm badass

    my fav episodes are (in no particular order) Bad Blood, 2Shy, Home, Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,Detour (terrifying predator monster), The Post-Modern Prometheus (cher), the host (flukeman), Duane Barry had an epic ending with that answering machine message, Irresistible & Orison (that demon guy messed with scully’s head and he payed the price), Pusher & Kitsunegari (who doesn’t love a evil Hypnotist?), wetwired, unruhe, Trevor(phasing powers), Leonard Betts(You have something i need), Small potatoes was hilarious ( i want a tail), Folie a deux (scary insect hallucinations), the rain king( heart shaped hailstones), terms of endearment (Bruce Campbell) , arcadia ( Mulder and scully are married?!), milagro, Rush (that matrix slo mo), Hungry (made brains look appealing), Salvage(metal skin),Improbable(Burt reynolds).
    now i know there’s only 1 episode from season 8 and 9 and lets be honest Scully was great and i enjoyed Doggett and even Reyes but the writing and stories were poor after season 7

    a fantastic series that i would rebuy in a heartbeat if they gave it the clean up and released it on Bluray

    Fancied Mulder and Scully was a badass, oddly i was bored by the Lone gunmen and nearly all of the alien conspiracy episodes. much preferred the one stories

  2. I thought the smoking-man died? If he didn’t, how does he avoid the fate of the marlboro cowboy?
    Anyway, I am exited for this, but I wish they would do a monster of the week as I always enjoyed those more than the conspiracy episodes.

  3. Cannot wait for this! I recently acquired the hi def widescreen issue and plan on rewatching every ep in preparation for the new. Also, Gillian Anderson is still hot.

  4. I guess I’ll be binge watching the series on Netflix sometime soon. I haven’t seen The X-FIles since it was originally aired on Fox. It’s hard to believe Gillian Anderson was only 24 when that show started.

  5. My wife is rewatching the whole series now and I’m debating doing the same. The thing that impressed me the most is for a show shot in the mid to late 90s, it looks like it was always intended for an HD widescreen format. It holds up so well that I kind of forget about the time period.

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