Our weekly Nintendo stream heads to space with Star Fox Command!


Thanks to your generous Laser Time Patreon donations we’re doing weekly Nintendo streams! This time, we head to space with Star Fox Command 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00 PM Eastern!

That’s right, thanks to that our incredibly generous Patrons we’re now doing a weekly stream of Nintendo games! Thanks to Star Fox Zero leading the charge at E3 for Nintendo, we’re going to play the recently re-released Virtual Console version of Star Fox Command. How weird will a DS game look on a 1080p monitor? We’re gonna find out!

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2 thoughts on “Our weekly Nintendo stream heads to space with Star Fox Command!

  1. I have to say I wouldn’t hate an Advance Wars live stream I mean the only reason I got into Fire Emblem was because of Henry’s GamesRadar video of him playing through a mission of Awakening. And if y’all want suggestions of future live streams I think some Super Mario Bros. U co-op chaos would be entertaining.

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