Batman V. Superman Comic-Con Trailer Finally Holds Kal-El Accountable


Will Batman bring this killer to justice? And I don’t mean the Justice League…

Henry Gilbert here, of Cape Crisis fame (brought to you by the Laser Time Patreon). And I want you to know that I only complain because I care. I care about good comic book movies, I care about good screenwriting and directing, and I care about Superman’s moral character. For all those reasons, I’ve spent a couple minutes here and there dumping on Man of Steel, mainly for Superman flattening Metropolis in a destructive battle that ends with him snapping General Zod’s neck. I felt it was the 100% wrong direction to take this new movie Superman, who I feel would never kill under any circumstances period. All that history, and how flippantly the end of the Man of Steel handled the destruction made me VERY wary of the follow-up, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And yet, I gotta admit, this Comic-Con 2015 trailer seems to give me exactly what I wanted…

The trailer begins with Holly Hunter taking Superman to task for the end of Man of Steel. You’ve got Bruce Wayne running into the wreckage of Metropolis, angry at Superman’s path of destruction. You have Lex Luthor taking advantage of people’s fear for this alien menace. While I personally don’t believe this was the plan when they killed off Zod in the last film – I think it’s more of a smart retcon – I have to agree that the foundation of this follow-up is built on making Kal-El deal with the aftermath of his last film. And since they can’t undo Man of Steel’s finale, I’m glad they’re at least dealing with it head-on.

Of course, there’s WAY more to this preview than Kal-El’s responsibilities. We’ve got the promise of the prize fight fanboys have dreamed of, seeing Bats battle Supes as Lex Luthor cackles off-screen – side note: Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor is really compelling and he’s adding some life to the film’s grey world. We’ve got a very established Batman with a history. We’ve got Superman wrecking the Batmobile. Alfred giving a guilt trip. Zod’s corpse. Kryptonite! Plus, we get to see Clark Kent actually doing stuff and being a real person, instead of a last second cameo. Oh, and we see Superman saving people as opposed to causing their deaths.


Whether the film is any good, this trailer is quite impressive, getting Superman much closer to what I hoped to see. And the intense style of Zack Snyder clearly fits much better for Batman than Superman. Honestly, there almost seems to be too much going on in this trailer, like it’s the setup for a new Netflix series, not a single film. I mean, those brief shots of Wonder Woman were great, and I hope we get a lot more. Perhaps she just shows up mid-battle to knock some sense into Bruce and Clark, making them realize that Lex Luthor has obviously turned them against each other.


All told, this Comic-Con trailer definitely has me more invested in Batman V. Superman than I ever have been before, as well as raising my interest in the whole DC Movie Universe – and the announcement of a Green Lantern Corps movie definitely helps. Still, a single great trailer is not enough to wipe away all my doubts of another Zack Snyder/David Goyer production, but at least this looks a notches above Man of Steel already (which, for the record, is still bad).

42 thoughts on “Batman V. Superman Comic-Con Trailer Finally Holds Kal-El Accountable

  1. Ben Afflack looks like a way better Bruce Wayne then I though he would, but the more armored batsuit means he maybe didn’t workout as much nolan batman, or it could be an anti superman suit.
    Also at 1:36 superman is surrounded by the insane clown posse. Is the comic book equivalent or is this like a joker reference of some sort?

  2. Gotta say I was not impressed by the first trailer, but this one blew me away. Obviously a trailer is not necessarily a good indication of a film’s final product (I thought the MOS trailers looked great, and thought the movie was subpar), but this is certainly raising my excitement in the DCEU more than ever before. Please don’t let me down, Snyder…

  3. I didn’t care for Man of Steel the way I thought I would (from the trailers I thought we’d get a Batman Begins character study) but most disappointing was how average it was. Superman should not be average.
    This trailer though, rekindled every love I had for comic books growing up. In its sprinkles of comic book lore with TDKR thunder strike poses, Superman’s ripping apart the batmobile, Batman in the middle east, man… I’m really hoping this is the comic book movie I’ve been waiting forever for.

  4. Shit… Between this and Ash VS Evil Dead… I’m so confused though. Is Batman trying to stop Supes? Is Supes trying to stop Batman? What is Wonder Woman doin? Who sent Old Arnold back to protect Sarah Connor? Was it all just a dream!? TELL ME HANK, WHATS REAL?

  5. I want a movie where it’s two men in a coffee shop, Batman and Superman, battling it out with their words. It’ll be both of them in a deep insight into their personalities without the costumes or powers. Or maybe like a Tuesdays with Morrie where old Bruce Wayne is Morrie.

  6. It’s definitely an interesting trailer and has me intrigued for how the film will turn out, though I will have to nitpick the absolute lack of words from Superman himself. I’m still unsure if Cavill is the best pick for a modern-day Supes and presenting none of his dialogue further makes me wonder.
    Also, I do have to wonder why Luthorberg has a fantastic head of hair, but it would crack me up if they went with the “Superman made me bald” explanation from the Silver Age. Or maybe they’ll take that premise and make it dark somehow, I dunno. Still, while I’m a bit burnt out on modern superhero films, they’ve still got time to do their homework and make this special.

  7. Really enjoyed this, now THAT was a trailer to get your teeth into. Anyone notice the Jokerized Robin costume?

    I’m massively excited, and I love how Bats and Supes seem like they’re being set up against each other. I also like how there are still plenty of intriguing questions left to be answered, so the plot’s still unpredictable. Good. Can’t wait.

  8. The trailer looks great. I think this film is coming together in a better way than most had imagined. Also, Man of Steel is a serviceable movie, and it’s a better movie than Age of Ultron that’s for sure. BTW, if you want people to take your opinion seriously, maybe try not qualifying every positive thing you say with a passive aggressive quip. It’s ok to be excited about something, even if you have your doubts.

  9. I’ve since soured on Man of Steel AND The Dark Knight Rises after repeat viewings (The Dark Knight is still amazing and the first two-thirds of TDKR are great) but this trailer has me pumped. I just beat the below average Arkham Knight so I’m kind of in fatigue for Kevin Conroy (plus it sounded like he wasn’t really in voicing Batman in this game so I think his time is up) so I hope Ben Affleck brings something new to Bruce- he’s gearing up to make his own Batman movie soon, one he’s writing and directing and acting in, and after his last two movies, that has me pumped.

    I hope that seeing Supes save people here and being held accountable for his actions will shape him into the hero I love him for in the comics (I just don’t want him shipped with Diana, let her get with Bruce please, I’ve wanted that since the JL cartoon. He was Superman for one day and destroyed a whole city so hopefully that weight will make him weigh his actions more.

  10. For me, this trailer was perfect. Batman v Superman is my most anticipated film and this was an excellent trailer to keep building my excitement for the film. I’m hoping that this and Suicide Squad can make the superhero genre feel fresh and new.

    To Henry, I feel like you are motivating me to put together an article explaining why I love Man of Steel.

  11. Did anyone else notice batman straight up snapping a dudes neck in the shot with the armed guys grabbing him? FUCK THAT!! AND FUCK ZACK SNYDER AND HIS STUPID BULLSHIT. I actually thought this was an awesome trailer and was reconsidering my hatred for the DCCU, until I noticed it.

    1. I admit it looked like it, but I highly doubt Batman will kill anyone. Even in the comics Superman is more likely to kill people than Batman.

      1. Batman has killed someone in every one of his films except for Batman & Robin though, so it’s not like the movies always follow that rule.

        HOWEVER, if you look closely it doesn’t quite look like Affleck in that shot, and since there’s the Sons of Superman and it’s influenced by Frank Miller, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s some Batman wannabe. Really hoping Snyder doesn’t have Batman become a murderer like Keaton, Kilmer, and Bale have been.

        1. Funnily enough I was going to say that, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of a good explanation. The suit there for example looks TOO bulky, even more so than it does elsewhere, and the jaw is definitely not Affleck. I want to know what this Superman Militia and Desert Batman have to do with anything.

          He never killed anyone in the Dark Knight Trilogy, except in the same way he never killed anyone in the Arkham games. “Whoops”.

          1. Well he leaves Ra’s to die (and kills the fake Ra’s), kills Two-Face, and kills Talia for sure. Plus all those ninjas in Begins when he explodes the dojo, and all the people he fires missiles at in Rises.

            Not excusing Arkham necessarily, but at least that’s a game where you can fuck around so I’ll excuse it a little. The dojo fire right after he makes a big stink about how he won’t take a life is ridiculous.

  12. Now THIS is what I’ve been hoping to see.
    Love the brief sequence of what looked like Red Son Batman. Wonder what that’s about?

    1. YES I’m glad I’m not the only one to have noticed how that “Desert outfit” looked so much like the Red Son costume!

  13. I thought this was a great trailer. I loved the look of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. The way he ran into the destruction of metropolis with all the intensity of a costumed Batman was great. I Just want him hold me in his big strong arms. Though I am worried about how Wonder Woman fitts into the movie.

  14. I’m glad the official trailer was released online. If this had been Marvel we wouldn’t have seen it for 5 months at least. So I’m glad things are going out for everyone to see.

  15. I still do not think Superman did anything wrong in Man of Steel.

    It was an alien invasion. A more practical one where the aliens didn’t hesitate too long to start destroying stuff and making it their own. Superman was a rookie and didn’t know much about what he could do.

    I enjoyed the plot there and even if they did not intentionally plan to do Batman v Superman, I am glad they are following up with this plot because Superman is much more interesting when he is a controversial figure rather than the boyscout that everyone loves. (See: Superman vs The Elite).

    1. Agreed 100%. While not a perfect movie, everyone criticizing Superman’s actions in Man of Steel forgets that we’ve already seen the ultimate boy scout version many times – this is a different take, and hopefully a Superman that will come out stronger from it.

    2. And Superman Vs The Elite is the most underrated DC animated movie. It’s one of my favourites yet is probably the worst selling.

      1. Completely agree on that point. Superman Vs The Elite was an amazing movie. I found the newer iterations that follow the New52 to be weaker animated films in general.

  16. 9-11 Imagery – CHECK

    Superman is Jesus – CHECK

    Batman’s parents being gunned down for the umpteenth time – CHECK

    I smell OSCAR nomination.

  17. While I think this is a much better trailer than last time I’m more interesting that Wonder Woman movie now. Gal Gadot is hot. But I still don’t like the premise of Batman and Superman fighting. I don’t like that they are just blaming Superman for what Zod did which I find ridiculous and Bats is blind enough to buy it. I did find Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor more interesting than I thought I would. All in all I’ll still end up seeing this but I’m still expecting the script to be somewhat of a mess.

  18. Batman V Superman:The Music Video? Reminds me of a lost late 80s guns and Roses video. I just want to hear Batman’s voice and then I can make up my mind. Side note I do like Scar as Alfred so I am excited for that aspect of the film but need to hear Bens take on the voice yo!

  19. Can you show me a screen shot of Superman flattening Metropolis? I think you are confusing him with Zod.

    1. Citizens are blaming Superman because they do not understand what was happening.

      Superman is the scapegoat, and apparently some criticizers in the ‘real world’ do not understand that Superman did the best he could given his knowledge and skill. That’s like asking a police officer to hold back no matter how dangerous a criminal is. It’s impractical and reckless, but people apparently want Superman to remain naively moral.

  20. Overall, better than last time and I’m still always hopefully, still cautious though.

    Two issues however:

    1 – Young Bruce Wayne, are we really going to go over the origin AGAIN!?

    2 – Wonder Woman, arguably the most iconic female hero of all time, comes out of nowhere without context, shoe horned into the trailer like many feared she would be in general in the film.

    Again though, we shall see.

  21. I enjoyed the trailer. It looks really cool. Although a lot of Snyders trailer look good only to have the movie fall flat.
    Man Of Steel of Steel has a lot of problems with it but some of them can be reasoned with if you look at it like a “What if”, or alternate universe type of comic book movie. What if Pa Kent never instilled Clark with the perfect moral compass hs did in the comics? Which oddly makes Clark more human, and imperfect.
    The movie is a Year One, or more recently Zero Year, take on the character. So when people say that Superman would never do the things he did in the movie, I agree, Superman would not. But the character in the movie has not become the Superman we know (yet). Mostly due to not having any experience with his power, and not having those good ol’ moral values instilled in him at an early age.
    But whatever…..the movie is flawed and crummy in a lot of spots. So arguing about it is kinda worthless in the end.

  22. huuuuh, i’m not hating this as i thought i would, still they didnt really need to put wonder woman in there, i think it would do just fine with the both of them.

  23. Am I the only one that thinks the destruction of Metropolis during the Supes vs Zod fight was possibly just lazy writing? Maybe the writers were too busy trying to make a giant battle sequence without considering that those buildings had actual people in them. It wouldn’t be the first time. That’s how most of the Transformer movies feel. I will say that I’m looking forward to this movie and I hope they do justice to Wonder Woman (no pun intended).

  24. I love you, Henry, but I completely disagree with your take on Man of Steel and the destruction of Metropolis. It was Zod and his goons that were the cause of the destruction on both sides of the planet. They started the fight and picked where the fight was. Superman wasn’t a trained soldier; they were, and given time, they would have become unstoppable. Zod was relentless in his attack, which meant Superman didn’t have time to save people, Avengers’ style, and fight at the same time. The Avengers were fighting an opponent that was inferior to them, and they had an entire team to work with; Superman was just one man, untrained to fight, on his own against foes who were stronger than him.

    Plenty of movies have featured large scale destruction (Avengers, Green Lantern, every Transformers movie, etc.), so I’ll never understand why this one is different. Why this one gets criticized when others don’t. Because it’s Superman? Is Optimus Prime no less noble and virtuous? Why does Batman get a pass for fucking up Gotham with his stupid tumbler? You can’t tell me no one was injured in any of those destruction derbies. Hell, Star Trek Into Darkness crashed a starship into San Francisco!

    Anyway, movie looks good.

  25. The “point” of Superman, is that he finds a way to do what should be inconceivable for another hero. He’ll fights the bad guy WHILE saving a bus full of girl scouts. He’ll punt a villain into space to give himself time to stop a flood. He’ll juggle all these things all at once, he knows everything, and he somehow DOES IT.

    People bring up All-Star Superman for the bit where he talks the jumper down off the building, but I like a later scene where Luthor obtains Superman-level powers, only to finally GET what Superman is. He can hear molecules banging into each other, sense life in all things, and realizes its value in a way a human can’t.

    That’s the secret to Superman. He understands things in ways we can’t conceive. So him leveling a city in Man of Steel and eventually killing a psychoman runs counter to what he ought to be. This is the consequence, and perhaps the FORMATION, of Superman, given he’d only briefly been Superman when the final action scenes begin in the movie (the time from the Encounter at IHOP to him fighting Zod might be about 4 hours in the film).

    Now we see Kal begin to learn. He doesn’t OWE anybody anything, per Ma Kent, but he nonetheless feels an intrinsic motivation to save people DESPITE that.

    Also, the terraforming machine from Man of Steel probably zapped some rock in the Indian Ocean into Kryptonite, and Luthor will likely manipulate a desperate Batman to strike at Kal. There’s your plot. And Einsenberg’s wearing a wig, it’s supposed to look bad. Get over it, people.

  26. I really was missing shot for shot remakes of 9/11 reporter footage in my escapism entertainment. Can we get some of people jumping to their deaths too? Gaaaaaah. That was gross.

    I could feasibly watch this film, but when you lead with that…

    I think I will go sink my head into some Bruce Timm Superman and wait for the inevitable reboot (or a video game franchise based on that animated universe like Arkham was, *crosses fingers*).

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