Cape Crisis #146 – San Diego Comic-Can’t


Comic-Con 2015 has concluded and we weren’t there! But we read some stuff and formed some opinions! Surely, that has to count for something…


In case you missed it, there’s a new Laser Time Patreon going, with some really cool rewards and milestone we’d love to reach with your help! Lots of new comic book content on Laser Time too. You should definitely check out¬†our YouTube channel. It’s got winning shit like this!

Additionally, if you’ve yet to check them out, Laser Time has new-ish commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, along with many others. Pick ’em up for $1.99¬†apiece.











Cape Crisis #145 Question: What was the first non-Marvel/DC book you ever read?

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #146 – San Diego Comic-Can’t

  1. good episode guys

    QOTW: my most excited thing was the star wars behind the scenes trailer footage they showed. i liked how it showed how much they emphasized real props and shooting on locations which should quell some concern for others. and it managed to raise my hype even more. new DC trailers looked interesting, liked leto’s joker the most.

  2. So I went to SDCC this year and there was an autograph singing for Steven Universe and it was like Black Friday. About two hundred plus people were slowly walking back and forth in this clump of human mass trying to get in front of the line. It caused one of my friend’s to have a panic attack. It was quite pathetic how SDCC manages lines. But in good news, I got their signatures. I am glad I have never had to flight for a hasbro line.

  3. Holy shit Dave knows British comics! The main character in The Dandy is Desperate Dan. There’s a statue of him in Dundee which is where the publisher of both The Beano and The Dandy are based.

  4. XD I love Dave’s sinister excelsior sign off.
    also, Chris don’t feel weird about how much and long y’all talk about stuff… obviously it’s what people come here for right? to hear you talk. all of you.
    I say MOOOORE talking for extended periods of time on pop culture topics and weird life antics.

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