Dude, This Narcos Trailer Is Great

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Netflix’s upcoming drama tells the story of the Columbian drug cartel under Pablo Escabar. By the looks of the trailer, the series should scratch that tweeker’s itch that Breaking Bad left behind.

The trailer alone is a step above Entourage’s fictional take on the same story, and there will be at least two familiar faces in the show: Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones) and Stephanie Sigman (Estrella in the upcoming Spectre). Other than that, expect to see a lot of illicit substances, police force takedowns, and general sex-ery.

We’ve all been looking for that next drug-fueled, bullet-riddled show to talk about, and Narcos seems like it will fit the bill. Let’s all do a line on August 28th.

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2 thoughts on “Dude, This Narcos Trailer Is Great

  1. Nice! Despite all the crap that went on behind (and in between) the scenes in the Robocop reboot, the director, José Padilha directed some fantastic movies (like Elite Squad 1 + 2, watch them if you like Dredd and more gritty crime stuff).

  2. Fully planed to make a median comment and sure enough; you beat me to it Tony! Honestly does look legit and the subject never gets old so I am sure it will do well for Netflix. Please tell me you have watched Cocaine Cowboys and its recent updated re-release? Skip the sequel hanging with the godmother, it kinda sucks.

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