Vidjagame Apocalypse 121 – Fighting Games That Never Made It to 3, with Heidi Kemps


The Evo Championship Series begins today, giving fighting-game fans around the world a chance to feel really inadequate by watching pro competitors at work. Since none of us are going, the best you’ll get is this week’s Top 5 – suggested by special guest star Heidi Kemps (of – in which we count down our favorite fighting franchises that never made it past their first sequels. We then get maudlin over the sad passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, but not before delving into Deception IV and this week’s other new releases. This one’s pretty up-and-down, and that’s even before we get to the answers to last week’s unfortunate QOTW.

Question of the Week

What’s a dead fighting game series that you’d love to see make a comeback?




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Mighty No. 9 *New*
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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos – ‘Banana Split’ Edition *New*
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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Mad Max
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
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21 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 121 – Fighting Games That Never Made It to 3, with Heidi Kemps

  1. I really need more Bushido Blade in my life. Running around various woodland areas killing my friends in one slash of a katana felt great, and I dearly miss it.

  2. Why won’t Bushido Blade come back!? I want more Bushido Blade!

    If not Bushido Blade, can I get a hit of Power Stone?

  3. QotW:

    I don’t like fighting games so enjoy a smartass answer:

    Duggars Tournament Fighter: 19 playable characters and counting

  4. QOTW:

    The dead “fighting” game I would enjoy seeing brought back for the current generation is Playstation Allstars Battle Royal. I am terrible when it comes to any traditional fighting game so this game became my fighting game of choice. My best friend and I split cost of a $40 PS3 copy that came with a Vita code so we both could play. I had more fun playing Allstars with my friend and kicking ass as Raiden than I ever had sucking at Mortal Kombat and Marvel Vs. Capcop. I would be overjoyed to see it come to PS4 only to relive those fun moments of happiness because my friend was forced to move away and his Vita and phone were forceibly sold.

  5. We still have a Q-Zar here in Tampa, it’s not two stories though. It’s mostly skee ball and laser tag though. Last time I was there it just had two tekken machines and some driving game.

  6. The Def Jam fighting games were really cool as a fan of rap, but as a fan of HardRock/Metal as well I’d love a Rockstar reebot. We can settle old beefs like Dave Mustaine vs James Hettfeld, Axl Rose vs Sebastian Bach. Kurt Cobain vs Eddie Vedder, Steven Tyler vs Jagger and David Lee Roth(The REAL Diamond Dave sorry DDR) vs Eddie Van Halen etc. It could even have MKX’s variation system to indicate different times in their career. It would also have THE BEST soundtrack.

  7. QOTW- I used to love King of the Monsters. This early 90’s was a great time for fighters and this one was great fun, casting you as various characters including a Godzilla and King Kong ripoff. It also had a Ultraman ripoff. It was all silly nonsense but at the time, being a weeabu it struck a kaiju cord.

  8. I’m with you Chris. Death Proof is a fantastic movie! I will say though that I think putting it after Planet Terror was a huge mistake as it is a very slow paced movie.

  9. Bloody Roar! A fantastic game for casual fighting game fan, the transformation attacks made for a pretty unique fighting system. Plus, the characters were one of a kind! The end boss, if used incorrectly, would turn into a penguin instead of a phoenix. What other game lets you play as not only one, but two different moles?

  10. My first thought was of Weapon Lord or Eternal Champions, two of the semi crap games on the Genesis, but two of the games that I loved to death. Playing them on an emulator made me want to snap my gaming pc in half for how bad they head aged, but I remember reading in EGM about how the blood in Weaponlord was hand drawn, every frame of animation so it would seem realistic.

    Didn’t really, but it was a trivia thing that I have remembered for decades since.

    Love me some violent fighters like Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, where I could break arms and legs and it affected the fight.

    I hate fighter and love them at the same time 🙁

  11. I would love to see another Power Stone I always saw it as the evolution of Smash Bros’ gameplay, but what I really want to see is Tech Romancer Two. That game was so different, with so many different mechs and whatever you want to call some of those abomination bot.
    Each character felt different and the story was silly but showed more than just a few words before and after the battle. We also have so many more robots and mechs that can be ripped off and added to a new game, like Pasific Rim and so many new Power Rangers/ Sentai shows since then.

  12. QOTW I think they should make a sequel to SVC Chaos (Snk vs Capcom chaos). It was an awesome throwback to the earlier street fighter alpha and KOF series and I had a lot of fun 1vs1 with friends on ps2 and would def pick up another one. I even was lucky enough to find an arcade version once at a random ass pizza place. Can never get enough of franchise vs franchise games. Also they should make a Hep-C Man vs. Pepsi man game as well! Make it happen Pepsi Co.!

  13. Waku Waku 7, was really great, it had a bunny girl in a leotard, A BUNNY GIRL IN A LEOTARD!!!!!. Never made had a sequel. Yay thanks for remembering EVO!!! I was hyped all weekend.

  14. Was anyone else super confused about Heidi Kemps being Chris’ girlfriend? It took me looking on Facebook to realize that wasn’t the case because he’s never said her last name on the podcast.

  15. TMNT Tournament Fighters Michael Bay Movie Edition. CGI Turtles, Megan Fox April, and the background explodes every time someone lands a punch.

    You’re welcome.

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