Laser Time – Fake Singers


What happens when fictional characters grab a microphone and starting singing about themselves? A hilarious paradox of dumb music, as well as perfectly good excuse for yet another Laser Time listening party!


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24 thoughts on “Laser Time – Fake Singers

  1. Chinese Ninja Warrior and most of the mortal kombat stuff could easily pass as NJPW entrance music.

  2. I always love when you guys play dumb comic book / videogame songs on the podcasts so this should be a treat. Chinese Ninja Warrior is still on my phone to this day…

    so many great lines being thrown around in here.
    everyone gets at least one drop the mic moment.
    I love it.

  4. Loved this episode, one of my favorites alongside Shame Songs!

    No love for Double Trouble from 2BA Master? Hands-down the best track on the album, not to mention sung by Team Rocket!

  5. I’m pretty sure all of the music themed episodes are my top favorites, keep them coming! Also, loved Mike Grimm’s reaction to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack.

  6. Dinosaurs? Spider-Man? Mortal Kombat? Si…. singing!?

    It’s going to be one of those episodes… the best kind! Chinese Ninja Warrior and the soundtrack alone is worth a dedicated episode.

  7. This was an amazing episode (god damn, Grim’s joke about the homeless guy asking “why those guys were making fun of him” destroyed me). You guys have been on fire lately.

  8. I’ve just started listening to back episodes of Tdar, as I fully missed the boat whenever I started listening to Lasertime. I’m on episode 20, where the back half is them discussing cheesy videogame songs. You want to hear how Antista and the gang have come full circle? On this 2008 episode of Tdar they discuss the Mortal Kombat Immortal song and give a backstory on that album.

    Then, when I queued up Lasertime last night, in the first fifteen minutes there’s another discussion again about this album. It’s kind of incredible listening to these guys discuss the same things 8 years apart (plus, us learning that Shane from Tdar is married–crazy).

    I love that you do this for us. Thank you for being our internet friends.

  9. I’m only half way through and this is already one of my favorite episodes ever. I look like a jackass as I fail to stifle laughter at work but I don’t care, it’s totally worth it. Thanks guys, you’ve been killing it lately.

  10. I only stumbled upon Laser Time late last year thanks to one of Chris’s appearances on Retronauts but I’m a fan (and supporter) now. Another great episode that needs a follow up if only to hear you guys discuss “The Crypt Jam” featuring the Crypt Keeper.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. So I can’t believe you got through an entire episode about fake characters singing about themselves without one mention of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob. No, not the Paula Abdul song… they hat an entire album released back in 1991.

    There was also a soundtrack to The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck that I posted on the forums over a year ago. Yes, songs about Scrooge McDuck, but totally awesome.

  12. I can’t believe Brett forgot about Team Rocket’s Rocket! The second best song on 2BAMaster and the best one sung by castmembers. Everyone knows Viridian City is the best song on the album though.

  13. The Mario one is great. I have a distinct memory of listeining to that on TalkRadar (maybe in 2008?) While riding the bus to High School.
    Also I’d love a music podcast/article with Hank and Grimm, they seem like they know their shit.

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