Cape Crisis #147 – Tales To Astonish


Henry, Chris, Dave, and Brett all get together for a spoilery Ant-Man talk, but first they catch up on all the biggest trailers out of comic-con, some other big news, and playing comic book slots in Vegas…


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Cape Crisis #147 Question: What was your favorite (or least favorite) part of Ant-Man?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #147 – Tales To Astonish

  1. time to sit out on the second segment once again, it’s only because im taking a break from marvel movies at the moment, we are getting two a year and that already seems like too much.

  2. I was kind of surprised how much I liked Ant-Man after all the turmoil in its development and the fact that it’s an Ant-Man movie of all things. Honestly, I had more fun with it than I did with Age of Ultron.

  3. Once again, hank is unimpressed with DC because batman v superman has too much in it ? A lot going on ? But likes avengers ? hank…just because the title of the movie only says 2 characters, doesnt mean you cant have other supporting characters in the movie

    1. I mean I’m also worried about there being too much in it, but that’s also part of my problem with Age of Ultron and most of the X-Men movies so it’s not like the worry is unfounded. If I recall, Hank did have this fear for Age of Ultron as well.

      1. well age of ultron is a comp diff discussion but this trailer shows a lot because people complain a lot. people were very concerned about wonder woman, batman, lex, so many things. So they released the trailer that shows all these concerns so people could just breath. now people know what theyre getting and it to me was a very good trailer that put any worries i had to rest. this isnt a man of steel movie. this is a justice league build up movie so yea, theres gonna be a lot in it. but this is a team up type of movie. just tired of people complaining about something. any little thing. this movie got so much people off the fence now and now theres too much ? chris nolan was able to put 8 villains in the dark knight and that movie is a near perfect movie. snyder ? he took watchmen which had a lot going on and it was a great adaptation. so i think people should just stop complaining and just enjoy what we are getting. wait til the movie comes out and then complain. from the trailer it should have made most a positive response on the nay sayers but i guess not

        1. I still think it’s a valid concern because of how many super hero movies suffered from being over stuffed, and even if someone has this concern that doesn’t have to mean they’re completely negative or “hating” on it. The trailer (personally) made me actually excited about the movie, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be hopeful, excited, and worried at the same time.

          And just showing us glimpses of Lex or Wonder Woman don’t calm people’s fears, because as you said we won’t get a good bead on their performances until we see them as whole so really those who were worried are still worried, and those who were hyped are still hyped. Not saying prejudging is a good thing, but it’s certainly understandable why one good trailer doesn’t wipe away concerns.

          1. No, example. People didnt like ben affleck for the casting. They saw the trailer and now they are on board. Yea we wont know if its a good movie til it comes out but that doesnt mean you cant be ok with the casting decision. That trailer put people at ease for that parT is what I meant.

  4. I expected it to be good, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Ant-Man to be one of the best MCU movies to date. It’s getting hard to rate them all, considered how most of them are so good, but I’m thinking Ant-Man may have cracked my top five Marvel movies.

  5. Surprised at how much love the Superman Lives documentary is getting around the net, because it is legitimately one of the worst documentaries I have ever seen. Terrible audio and lighting, awkward framing of the interviews and the guy who made the film sabotages it by putting himself front and center for some reason and has nothing to add. Also, he doesn’t stop nodding throughout the whole film. There was an hour of material at most for the documentary and it’s nearly two. The whole production reeks of amateurism and I’m surprised at how many talented people he got to land in his film.

    Either way, I’m guessing other comic book fans are enjoying it – even if most of the information of Superman Lives’ production is readily available online. Anyway, keep up the great work guys and I hope to hear Brett on hear more often.

  6. The best/saddest thing about Ant-man was seeing the remnants of Edgar Wright’s script lurking about…I mean embiggening small objects over and over again plus the michael pena montages were amazing visual gags. Can’t help but think “What If?” if he had directed.

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