WWE 2K16’s pre-order bonus is the weirdest wrestling character ever


WWE 2K16 may not have Hulk Hogan on the roster this year, but suffice it to say that this year’s wrestling simulator has found a more than suitable household name strongman to fill his boots (among others articles of clothing).

For the last few years, the pre-order characters in WWE games have been big business. For WWE 12, they prefaced The Rock’s return to the ring by making “The People’s Champion” the pre-order character. With WWE 13, the baddest man on the planet (and a man who never wrestled a match) “Iron” Mike Tyson was the pre-order bonus en route to his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame. The jump to 2K Sports for WWE 2K14 didn’t change the level of crazy pre-order characters as longtime holdout The Ultimate Warrior made his first move towards reconciliation as the early access bonus. Last, but definitely not least, WCW icon Sting made his first WWE appearance inside a digital ring in WWE 2K15 mere weeks before his debut at Survivor Series 2014 and months before his WWE wrestling debut at WrestleMania (watch our WrestleMania 31 behind-the-scenes video). This year, 2K has somehow outdone themselves once again by including The Terminator itself as the pre-order bonus. Yes, The Terminator. Check out the reveal trailer below, where one of the franchise’s most memorable scenes is recreated with some of today’s biggest Superstars and Divas (and Eva Marie).

In a move that has to be a homage to WCW’s Robocop angle, WWE 2K16’s pre-order bonus is a completely fictional robot character that has long populated the top spots on the WWE 2K game create-a-wrestler download servers. While playing as The Terminator is a bit on the silly side, it’s not completely unprecedented, as we’ve seen a few homages to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous character in wrestling this year. Of course, everyone remembers Triple H’s insane Terminator Genisys entrance, but just like in the video, Dean Ambrose wore the T-800’s favorite outfit en route to his Intercontinental ladder match at the beginning of the event (watch it here). Even NJPW got into the act as Kenny Omega mimicked Arnold’s arrival during a match a few months ago, and every time the Cheap Popcast crew has visited Oakland to watch Hoodslam, we’ve enjoyed slapping the mat in sync to the action movie’s theme before the wrestling starts.

According to 2K, there will be two different versions of Arnold’s classic character in WWE 2K16, as you’ll be able to play as the T-800 from both The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, (hopefully the crowd respects his heel and face alignment in the respective movies). Unfortunately, we won’t have “Pops” from Terminator Genisys to pick from, making that movie just as ignored in games as it’s been in theaters.

Here at Laser Time, we’ve got plenty of reverence for the Terminator and wrestling. We’ve done commentary for Terminator 2, streamed the Terminator’s Genesis games and even pit the Terminator against the likes of a Minion, Ant-Man, and Vin Diesel in a WWE 2K15 summer movie Elimination Chamber match! Want to see more weirdness like that? Please support Laser Time’s Patreon and pre-order WWE 2K16 via Laser Time’s links below!

11 thoughts on “WWE 2K16’s pre-order bonus is the weirdest wrestling character ever

  1. You are now aware that Paige wasn’t even born yet when Terminator 2 came out. Yes, you’re old.

  2. Guessing his finishers will include: Walls of Skynet, Ill be back Torture Rack and old but not obsolete crippler crossface! Honestly thou; if they include the terminator theme by Brad Fidel as his entrance music and John Connor is his ringside manager I will buy 2 copies yo! P.S. Hope there is a story mode angle that has Vince yelling “You’re……Terminated!!!!”

    1. Apparently they’re going to have 120 wrestlers not including DLC, even the announcers have a shot with that number.

  3. I would love to get back into wrestling games again and adding Arnold as The Terminator sounds like a fantastic way to jump back in.

    Oh wait, he’s a preorder?
    Nope, not supporting that nonsense.

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