Movie Review: Pixels!

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I saw it so you didn’t have to, and I managed to avoid harming myself and do this review instead! (If my body is found, Adam Sandler did it — not, like, with his own hands, but mentally.)

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9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Pixels!

  1. Your deserve a nobel peace prize sir dear god the horrors you must of seen and endured! Thank you for your sacrafice brotha.

  2. *sniff* Curse you Adam Sandler! He was so young!

    Seriously guys, watch Futurama’s Anthology of Interest II instead.

  3. Yeah, but we knew it would be bad. Wasn’t Sandler mentioned in that Sony documents leak, asking why they kept making his movies? clearly he has some serious dirt on a few high execs and is blackmailing them into oblivion.

    1. I dont’ think it’s that. Happy Madison films may not have quality, but they do make money. This is especially true if Sandler’s name is attached to it.

  4. I never really expected it to be very good so my expectations weren’t very high to begin with. But from all the “Adam Sandler” is horrible talk I forgot he didn’t write or direct this and besides starring in it I wonder how active he was with the development. I had hoped for more from Chris Columbus though. I forgot he directed it and had hoped the man who brought us Home Alone could have done better. I do kind of want to see just so I can experience the awfulness myself.

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