Vidjagame Apocalypse 123 – Old-School Adventures In Need of a Comeback


Seventeen years after its last installment, King’s Quest is back among the living with this week’s release of a new episodic adventure series. Happy as we are to see King Graham back in the thick of it, his return made us wistful for other adventure franchises that haven’t had a new installment since the ’90s – and that, with the recent revival of adventure gaming, are ripe for another chance. Then it’s on to some talk about (of course!) the new King’s Quest, Arnold Schwarzenegger joining WWE 2K16, and the animals you’d most like to ride as mounts.

Question of the Week

Have you ever MacGyvered two things together to make another useful thing? (Failing that, have you ever made a really cool/dorky craft project?)




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16 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 123 – Old-School Adventures In Need of a Comeback

  1. OK Mikael, I know I’m the only person on this website (and one of 15 in the entire world) who will applaud you for referencing the Guyver. While the first Guyver movie isn’t good, Guyver 2 Dark hero is a wonderful movie starting David Hater pre-Metal Gear. Its basically a power rangers movie but it starts with a guy getting his throat slit. You don’t have to watch the first one to enjoy the second one, but Guyver is a franchise that holds a special place in my heart.

  2. QotW:

    If you are running something on your computer that will time out if the screensaver comes up, tape a sheet of paper to your desk, turn your mouse (provided its a laser mouse) upside down and put it under the paper and then turn a fan on to gently blow the paper. This will make your cursor move just enough to keep your computer from going idle.

  3. Love the Rocket League love, I think it’s the depth of my searching but I’ve barely seen anyone streaming it (definitely think it’s the depth of my searching)

    1. I totally called Mikel on it while I was listening to the show. I stopped half-way through the segment and said, “Are you ever going to mention John Rhys-Davies!?”

      He DARED to doubt me! For this he paid the ULTIMATE PRICE!

      By which he went and looked it up and said I was right. But c’mon! Those trilled Rs! It’s so obvious!

  4. Anyone who smoked weed in high school likely MacGyvered a bong or pipe at some point. The piece of work I was most proud of was turning two bamboo chutes and a rubber band into a really awesome bong. It came out so well that instead of throwing it away when I was done I kept it and hid it in my room. I can’t even remember if it’s still hidden in my parents house or if I did something with it before going off to college.

  5. Since this is episode 123, I was reminded of Chris’ Canada Rant from TalkRadar 123 way back in 2010. As a relatively new listener (I joined at 115), this was definitely one of the things that made me stick around because of how funny and bizarre you guys could be (even as a Canadian I found that hilarious).

    It’s weird thinking back on being a new listener so many episodes (and five years) later. I’m glad I’ve stuck around.

    And that’s the end of the random nostalgia / retrospection. BACK TO RAD BROMANCES

  6. I’ll claim the credit for the “Queen Obamadala” comment. I’m flattered that one really cracked up Chris. Glad we were able to mine some gold out the barren desert known as the Phantom Menace!

    Also, YES to a new Maniac Mansion and Full Throttle, but I’d also like to give a bit of attention to Loom. I always felt that Loom was underrated and it did have two planned sequels, Forge and The Fold, but interest petered out and they were never made. An ambitious team has been working on Forge as a fangame, but progress is expectedly slow. I hope it comes to pass but I’m not holding my breath. Still, if you want to give it a check, here’s their site:

    The Dig, I can take or leave.

  7. I feel your pain Tyler. I too bought an Ikea bed and had the same problem with those metal beams. My solution was to take a drill the screws through the holes. Granted this stripped them and now I can’t take it apart ever but hey I can sleep now.

  8. for the qot-dubya, i honestly don’t even know where to start. i’m a macguyvering motherfucker, it’s kind of my thing, it’s my entire life. i can cannibalize objects like mad to the point where i might as well have a sixth sense that lets me see what a thing is made of and all the ways i can use its parts to do other stuff. it’s basically like a superpower for me. my friends all know me as the one who can fix anything, whether it be sewing, wrenching, super detailed bullshit literally done with a scalpel, whatever. the ironic thing is that i’ve never owned a car and know nothing about them, and definitely can’t fix one, unless it’s simple stuff

  9. Since my accident I have trouble griping things tightly. This made playing games on controllers impossible. After a few years of feeling I was missing out I took the chance on buying a 360 to play driving games using one hand on the steering wheel and one hand for the peddles[the peddles are on the table next to the wheel].

    After being mesmerized by the Lost Planet demo I decided I needed a solution to my controller woes. I used a folded over tin lid taped to a piece of sponge. I covered it in adhesive velco and stuck it to the back of my 360 pad. I use it by resting it on my lap. The ‘gadget’ stops me pressing the triggers by accident. It’s been happy gaming ever since

    ps where are the lasertime coins?

  10. As someone who played a lot of PC adventure games, including the majority of the franchises mentioned in the Top 5, I really enjoyed this episode. Great job to everyone.

    QOTW: I once made a shelf on my desk using a board and eight soda cans arranged in a way so they were the “legs” of the shelf. In a similar way, my printer is sitting on an old laptop, which is sitting on “legs” made of two VHS tapes. All that would have been thrown in the trash otherwise.

    Also, like Mikel I sometimes did some crafts related to games. I made very simple jewel case cover for Day of the Tentacle with pencil crayons, because I had the original edition of the game had the CD in a cardboard envelope. I also made a jewel case for the expansion pack Duke Nukem 3D: Duke it out in DC. The original game was released on CD in a paper envelope, but by then I had Photoshop skills and a color printer so I think it came out pretty well.

  11. For anyone looking for a new Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert ran a Kickstarter for Thimbleweed Park, which is intended to be “the missing LucasArts link between Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island” and has the entire core Maniac Mansion development team making it. Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, David Fox etc. I’m massively excited, and if you felt let down by Broken Age you need to get it on your radar. And it’s coming to Xbox One apparently.

    Disagree with Full Throttle on the list though. They tried it twice and it sucked, and Tim won’t ever try because the actor who played Ben died. He’s more likely to do a Grim Fandango sequel.

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