Laser Time – Ultimate Evil 90s Playlist


RIP Roddy Piper, the purest villains who ever lived, and a 90s music quiz that totally all that!


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27 thoughts on “Laser Time – Ultimate Evil 90s Playlist

  1. Surprised Billboard went “Living on the Edge” in regards to Get a Grip from Aerosmith, “Crazy” and “Cryin” were the best songs. Also if youse guys love November Rain you’ll also like Estranged also by Gn’R.

    1. You should also watch the video because it may be the most hilarious waste of money I’ve ever seen. Axl jumps off an aircraft carrier and swims with dolphins because…?

  2. R.I.P. Roddy. We’ll always have “Hell Comes to Frogtown.” (Still my personal favourite Roddy Piper movie)

    I can really identify with the whole getting rid of old shirts thing. My wife encouraged me to go through all my clothes and pick out ones that had sentimental value, but that I would probably never wear anymore. She had them all turned into a quilt. It’s actually pretty great, being wrapped up in scraps of old death metal T-shirts and soccer jerseys from when I was a kid.

  3. Hey guys, were U Talkin’ U2 to Me during the 90s music quiz? ACHTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNG…baby

  4. Hoooly Crap Chris! You’re older than I am, and you didn’t know half the songs in 90/91?!

    In all seriousness your coming aware of pop culture has a lot to do with that, I was much more aware of it even though I was born in ’83.

    Great episode, broke out in maniacal laughter several times at work tonight while doing dishes. Love making my co-workers nervous when listening to podcasts and I laugh like that.

  5. By the way Grimm doing an episode on Psybrid Theory would be amazing. Do it Talking Simpsons style; every week Grimm does an in-depth discussion of a single Gangnam Park track.

    Or just a mashups episode in general might be interesting. particularly if you get into the pre-Internet history of it.

  6. This quartet is easily my dream podcasting crew in terms of laughs: Dave telling some of the worst/best one liners, Grimm with terrible puns, Brett saying things to anger Chris, and Chris giving great oft kilter jokes. I am super excited for this episode. (Side note I am not sure who would be my “dream” podcast crew)

  7. As a fan from the very beginning of all of this boondoglery, I have a deep knowledge of every podcast released thus far across all platforms. This is the best. It is absolutely perfect, in every single way. Please make a lot more episodes like this.

  8. This era of music is about when I stopped listening to the radio. Thankfully the internet came along shortly, and I could find out what other music I wanted to hear, and order it online from Music Boulevard and other sites that would send it to me in college.

  9. always love the music episodes. this one was special. had a friend die recently, and we used to go dance to shitty 90’s music all the time. 90’s quiz was a good way to revisit that stuff. thanks guys

    1. Late 80’s to 90’s music is right in my wheelhouse. I graduated high school in ’92 and these tunes were the soundtrack of my life. Love these shows.

  10. Dave or Chris broke into my house and stole my gym mix cause I workout to all of these songs daily yo! If you havent dead lifted to Blame it on the rain then you have never really lifted!

  11. 2nd half was fantastic.

    First half got short-changed I think, even though I liked the topic. Though I think you shoulda gone with Heel/Face turns topic instead.

  12. Great episode. R.I.P. Roddy Piper. I like all of John Carpenter’s movies. The Thing probably being my favorite followed by They Live and Big Trouble in Litttle China. As far as villains go, you guys forgot about probably the most hated one in recent years… Game of thrones king joffrey.

  13. This isn’t a recommendation per se. But if you want works of fiction with utterly non-redeemable monsters either as the antagonist or protagonist, you should check out some of the darker works of Japanese literature. Things like the works by Edogawa Ranpo or movies done by Miike Takeshi often feature utterly inhumane disturbing people and situations. I do believe that evil people without redeeming qualities are more common in literature than other mediums.

    PS: maybe as a new Patreon goal, how do you guys feel about a lastertime book club?

  14. Gangam Park was something I never needed to know existed, but at the same time NEEDED to know about. Paradox incarnate.

  15. you guys are so mainstream, if this stuff wasn’t being crammed into everyone’s ears by MTV I would tease you guys more. sad that there wasn’t any hip hop from the 90s when it was at its strongest and most creative. and nooo Hammer at the end of his career doesn’t count.
    still kind of fun to hear y’all getting excited to hear something you haven’t heard in years.
    wait… is there a part 2 to this episode? you didn’t even get halfway through the 90s

    and to answer your question, yeah towards the end of Tdar you guys seemed to lose your fire. it felt like there was stuff going on behind the scenes making it less fun for y’all and you guys kept going but a lot of the energy was lost. thankfully it’s been regained in the LaserTime network. yay.

  16. Drat, all those nineties songs and no Ace of Base to be seen. Though if I recall, that was played on one of the Shame Songs episodes. Same for The Scatman. As a nineties child, all this shit still floats in my brain. They still play Two Princes on the damn local radio where I am, obnoxious dreck though it is. Catchy dreck but dreck nonetheless.

    And yes, RIP for Roddy. I can’t say it enough. 🙁

  17. I tuned out halfway through for a few seconds and then started hearing 90’s music from Brett, felt very jarring and confused, what a bizarre random episode of laser time this was.

  18. Episodes like this especially the 2nd half make me wish my friends were this close so I could host a podcast and bullshit with them like you guys do.

  19. There are actually a lot of villains that you could classify as ‘pure evil’. TV Tropes actually has a page for them called ‘Complete Monster’.

    It’s basically villains who do horribly evil things, have no redeeming features (like loved ones), never even seek redemption, have no altruistic motives and are played straight. Voldemort and the Joker are listed, for example.

  20. I have to give props to one of my favorite video game villains, Luca Blight from Suikoden 2. Although he has some reason for his rampage, Luca is unrepentingly evil. He is also a monstrously fearsome physical presence in battle, and leads his army from the front lines. I don’t want to give much detail because I don’t want to spoil an amazing game for anyone, but Luca Blight is one of the most satisfying villains to take out I have ever experienced in a video game.

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