Deadpool Official Trailer: Red Suit, Red Band


Your first official look at Wade Wilson’s bigscreen re-debut…

This might be the most self ware marketing campaign I’ve ever seen for a major motion picture and I’m totally okay with that. Pool’s archiest enemy is without a doubt the fourth wall, so it’s undeniably awesome to see Reynolds mock not just his performance as the Green Lantern, but Fox’s previous, disastrous attempt at bring the Merc with the Mouth to the cineplexes. (Honk if you think Wolverine: Origins is the worst Marvel movie of all-time!) So even though I think the trailer’s got a couple of groaners in it, as bigass Deadpool fan, I’m really excited by the overall tone of everthing. Looks as if Deadpool’s really gonna set itself apart from the pack… dare I say in the same way Guardians of the Galaxy did? Take a look for yourself.

I know that this is largely the same footage pilfered from Comic-Con, but c’mon, how about that HD look at Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead?! And if you’re a conspiratorial dork like me, the only red flag for I can see is why Fox would pimp Deadpool so hard and fast (this trailer even received its own trailer) on the same week they’re burying Fantastic Four reviews until right about the moment when the public will be leaving the third showing. Curious…

Whatevs, let us know your thoughts in the comments below (we’ll obviously be talking about it on this week’s Cape Crisis) or check out our custom Deadpool smartphone wallpapers. Here’s hoping we finally get to see Stan Lee get killed in a cameo!

16 thoughts on “Deadpool Official Trailer: Red Suit, Red Band

  1. I feel like this is the first super hero trailer in a long time that I haven’t felt some sort of immediate cynicism or apprehension for. For Fox to allow a DMX song to blast through the latter half of the trailer has to show some sort of self awareness, right? Not to mention the tongue in cheek comments about the mouth sewing and overall feeling of this, I really hope some exec just “fuck it, let them do what they want. It’s rated R anyways.”

    1. I completely agree that hopefully either the exec in charge said “fuck it, go for broke” or is just way to coked up to give a shit. Deadpool needs to be balls out violent and crazy irreverent or he just comes off as tacky.

  2. I love how gleefully juvenile the movie seems to be, though I wonder if that won’t get a bit tiring if it’s normal superhero movie length. If they can make this thing in the 100 minute range it would probably go a long way towards keeping the Merc with a Mouth fun rather than tiring.

  3. Honestly, the trailer is exactly how I expected it to be. I’m sure Deadpool fans will get a kick out of it but I’ve never been one of those fans. Colossus looked pretty sweet though.

  4. So far, they have got the tone pretty much spot on. And reviews for Fantastic Four have actually started pouring in. Currently sitting at a sad 14% at Rotten Tomatoes. I actually was hoping it would defy expectations.

  5. Deadpool was one of the reasons why I got into Marvel so this film is a pretty big deal for me. Although it feels weird hearing Ryan Reynold’s voice as i’m used to Nolan North’s version as the merc with the mouth. It’ll grow on me eventually.

  6. Definitely looks way different from every other super hero movie. That might be its saving grace. Most importantly though, it looks FUN!!!! And that right now is the main reason I will go see a movie or not.

  7. That was awesome! Anyone notice how Colossus actually looked more, well, comic book-y than his X-Men movie version??

  8. As someone who is apprehensive as hell about any Fox superhero movie, I couldn’t be more excited for this – especially after the trailer. It looks like it’ll be the best one they’ll ever make, in large part because they’re being faithful for once (he knew Fox would ever do a costume properly).

    Also, that Colossus looks AWESOME for once.

  9. I cannot wait until February, I’ve already watched this trailer several times today, the green version has a few extra scenes without all the naughty language 😉 I just hope the movie lives up to the hyper that this trailer is building.

  10. Looks great! I’ve never read any Deadpool comics (recommendations anyone?) but this is just such a different tone than other superhero movies I’m gonna have to see it.

  11. While still somewhat worried Ryan Reynolds is poison to comic book films, I think he can pull this one off. At least it can’t do as badly as we’ve heard about the new Fantastic Four film!

    1. I feel like he’s already played this character twice as practice. Blade 3, and in the first Wolverine film. I’ve been wanting him to do a full on Deadpool film since Wolverine came out.

  12. I think my favorite part is the impossible eyes on his mask.

    They just straight up do the comic thing of having the mask’s eyes express themselves the same way normal eyes do.

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