Hear Chris Farley As Shrek In Newly Unearthed Video


Never-before-seen production footage shows us the Shrek that could’ve been…

Hi all, Henry here, host of Cape Crisis and beneficiary of the Laser Time Patreon. And my opinions of Chris Farley and Shrek couldn’t be farther apart. One is a comedy genius whose life ended far too early, and the other is a once tolerable film franchise that got shittier with each entry. However, in a timeline where Farley didn’t pass away at the end of 1997, he’d have been forever linked to Shrek. The part of the surly ogre the part was originally written for him and he even recorded a bit of the script for the animators. When Farley died, Mike Myers was recast as the ogre and the part was fully rewritten to complete the movie, but I always wanted to know how Farley would’ve done it.

Today, thanks to some early footage that just resurfaced, the world finally has the answer.

So strange to see Shrek without his heightened accent acting off of Eddie Murphy. You can definitely tell they drew Shrek to embody Farley, though Chris has his natural voice turned down a whole bunch. Also, Shrek’s whole thing with his parents being overprotective feels like a more interesting motivation than simply wanting to have people get out of his home. It’s too bad the onion scene they refer to isn’t included, because I’d love to have seen how Farley handled that.

I’m not sure why Dreamworks never released any of this test footage before, though I’d imagine it’s some legal BS since it’s test footage that’s for production only. As it stands, it’s another reminder of the world that could’ve been if Farley had been able to stick around a little longer. If, like me, this leaves you in the mood to ponder Chris Farley’s legacy, be sure to check out the trailer for his new documentary. Beyond all that, this was one of the most sought after relics in lost animation history, especially since the internet finally unearthed that footage of Pee-Wee Herman playing Roger Rabbit last year. It’s great to finally see it.

4 thoughts on “Hear Chris Farley As Shrek In Newly Unearthed Video

  1. Jeez, this wounds me to see. God knows how long after this Farley dies. I recall it was nearly complete with most of his VO recorded? Listening to this is like hearing a ghost, and to know that it eventually became Mike Meyer’s ~~thing~~ and essentially launched the Dreamworks animation brand is a bizarre intersection of entertainment. His work sounds much realer than Meyer’s Shrek, talking about being feared and misunderstood. To think about what Farley was going through at that point in his life and hear him say those lines is a bummer. Farley’s death is the first celebrity passing that sits vividly in my memory. I recall a kid in my eighth grade math class stood up the day after it happened, and without ceremony (but probably with some sarcasm), asked for a moment of silence in observation. The teacher had no idea what was going on, but every kid bowed their head. It was kinda funny then. Recalling it now though, it’s grim as fuck. Everyone go watch Tommy Boy, right now.

    1. Naw man, I agree with you. I prefer Mike Myers in the role. I know people trash on the movies, but I always considered them to be decent. It’s just sad to watch this video.

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