New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Is Worth Waiting 7 Years


This video from Gamescom has restored our Faith in DICE’s returning series…

So, back in 2008 EA seemed to be on the verge of a whole new era of AAA games. Titles like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge had the massive budgets and marketing of the annual standbys, but with a commitment to original ideas. Mirror’s Edge in particular was a breath of fresh air, because it found a brand new way to make platforming work in first-person. Playing it filled me with a real sense of freedom and excitement as I flew through the bright yet ominous world. Sadly, most other people didn’t feel that way, as the game didn’t sell spectacularly and a follow-up turned into an impossible dream.

Cut to 2015 and DICE has finally pulled together enough of a prequel to show an extended gameplay demo of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to the public. And Faith’s free-running spirit feels very intact…

What’s so great about all it? The world looks more gorgeous than ever, looking naturally designed while also filled with simple visual cues of where to run to next. It’s a tough balancing act, especially when it also involves making the entire world open and free roaming. The story may focus on how Faith got her start as a parkour freedom fighter, but she’s just as skilled as she was in the first game, wall running on the outside of a building like it’s no big deal. This is the return to form I’d been waiting for.

After years of silence, and then years of waiting to see any true gameplay from Catalyst, this is real heartening reveal. The game is out February 23 next year, and hopefully it’ll only improve with each new showing. A fascist future never looked so appealing. If you want to pre-order it and help out Laser Time at the same time, get it on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Is Worth Waiting 7 Years

  1. I completely agree, I was hooked on the first game roo. Even did the 50 star time trial rating achievement. It was a very addictive game despite it’s flaws. This trailer really has me hyped, I was unsure on how it’d adapt to an open world format but it looks to be as fluent and fast paced as ever (at least from this first trailer). The new combat moves look really satisfying and less of a hindrance compared to the first game.

    Also, I didn’t realise this was a prequel. Not that matters, as much as I played the first game I can’t tell you what the story was.

  2. YEESSSSSS!!! Give it to me! Now! As Arnold would say it. *Ahem*

    I’m still baffled that the world still hasn’t catch on to awesome first person movement and combat found in Mirror’s Edge or Dark Messiah. This and Hover: Revolt of Gamers (yeah, crap title, I know) need to be hooked into my veins ASAP.

    Mirror’s Edge is still a ton of fun to play while speedrunning and listening to random soundtracks.

  3. I hope it does well. The little I played of the first had me feeling like such a scrub. So I guess my biggest problem with the game is my poor parkour skills :/.

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