Ride to Hell: Retribution playthrough – The Laser Time Shit Show Begins!


We’re kicking off Laser Time’s THIRD weekly game stream with what may be the worst game of all time… Ride to Hell Retribution! Join us in the suffering LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

[UPDATE: Embed below with all the fully-clothed humping, non-textured allies, and rubber-headed enemies of Ride to Hell’s first hour!]

Thanks to our Patreon supporters, we’re now playing the absolute worst video games of all time every week! You’re welcome for our suffering. Want to support us? Get access to exclusive shows and commentaries at Patreon.com/LaserTime!

Want to know more about the abomination that is Ride to Hell? Check out Dave’s retrospective of the suckfest in his recent two-year-anniversary article: “Crappy Anniversary: Ride to Hell”.

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5 thoughts on “Ride to Hell: Retribution playthrough – The Laser Time Shit Show Begins!

  1. Oh man, if you’re ever in need of a terrible game connoisseur, look no further than me. Practically all I play is shovelware and half-finished hobby projects. I’d like to recommend my personal industry punching bag: Spark Unlimited and their entire catalogue. They’re an even shittier Nihilistic. Alternatively, you could just check the new release section on Steam and remind yourself why easing up on submissions was a terrible move and why refunds are a much needed feature.

  2. Enjoyed the stream, if not the game! I do apologize for creating the MST3K Space Mutiny monster that plagued the chat for the entire stream though (I’m ChrisCapel on Twitch)!

    I’ve got a nomination for a worse game than Ride to Hell – Atari’s recently released Haunted House: Cryptic Graves. I’ve played and reviewed a LOT of games and it’s by far the worst.

  3. I’m only half way through the youtube archive but I really want the Shit Show to be like Game Informer’s super replays where you guys are forced to finish these awful games.

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