Cape Crisis #149 – Deadpool’s Ugly Avocado


Henry, Chris, and Dave get together to talk about the merits of the Fantastic Four in the face of bad critical buzz, Dave’s southern adventure, questions about the Deadpool trailer, and answers from our wonderful community…


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Cape Crisis #149 Question: What’s your favorite Fantastic Four story?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #149 – Deadpool’s Ugly Avocado

  1. It was great hearing so much FF talk, but I wish if was for better reasons. I am probably the wrong person since I have been reading them for about as long as I could read, so I probably see the best in them. I do not agree they are as out of touch as people think. It is not their origin story that is the problem with the movies, it is the characterization of them before and after they get their powers. It was what the Incredibles got right. They are a family first that are superheroes second. If you can nail the family dynamic (see Mark Waid’s run) then everything else should fall into place. Reed is the dad, who for all his intelligence, is haunted by his greatest failure, which changed the lives of the people closest to him and he cannot fix. Sue is the glue that holds them together and the real leader of the team. Johnny and Ben are the brothers who fight but deep down care about each other. They have enough quality villains to sustain a franchise, including Dr. Doom, probably the greatest of all, they just need a writer who can bring out the family superhero aspect, which I do not think has been really explored in the recent run of movies.

    1. Saw it somewhere else, but I think FF could become a great Netflix show. It could be a weekly serial thing showing several adventures, and maybe they could all lead to Doom being introduced and defeated in a movie.

      That would get the origin out of the way at least.

  2. Just noticed that next episode is the big 150, congrats on making it three years Henry and co! Kind of a shame it’s gonna be partially taken up by negative FF talk.

  3. Having seen Fantastic Four last night at an early showing, holy crap is it terrible. I think reviews were justifiablely low and its honest probably the worst modern superhero movie (modern being X-Men and forward).

    1. I almost saw FF last night and at the last minute I was persuaded by my mates to watch ant man instead. It was good but i knew it was gonna be seemed like too much of a safe bet, I wanted to take a risk on FF but from what I hear its probably for the best I didn’t. Besides if I’d have dragged my friends through it and it really was as fucking atrocious as I’m hearing then I would’ve never heard the end of it.

  4. That Deadpool trailer has “tryhard” written all over it. I love Reynolds as the Merc’ but I don’t have much optimism for this. Hope it proves me wrong. And it’s got the insufferable T.J Miller, who is the Ken Jeong of white people. (Source: Transformers AoE)

  5. As someone who was optimistic of the new Fantastic Four film, this bums me out.

    A solid cast directed by the man who made Chronicle, I believed the new Fantastic Four would’ve been great, something that would be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Besides the cast and director, Fox has turned a tide with their films, as I enjoyed the previous three films (X-Men: FC, Wolverine, X-Men: DOFP) and I’m looking forward to Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Well, let’s hope that the Fantastic Four 2025 film is good. Finger crossed.

  6. I got a bone to pick with Mr. Rudden. So the guy that makes all the jokes and puns on all the podcasts that sometimes has to reach further than Reed Richards to make something sound funny. Has a problem with the jokes in the Deadpool trailer.. Hmmm. Sorry Dave but You get Nothing!! You lose, good day, Sir!! I’m also very bummed out about the FF movie. But who I feel the worst for is.. Kevin Smith , the guy had a four part podcast with the director of the FF movie.

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