Laser Time – Failed Comedic Vehicles


From former sitcom celebrities to sketch comedy superstars, here’s the best and worst of those who got one shot at bigscreen stardom…


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35 thoughts on “Laser Time – Failed Comedic Vehicles

  1. Ugh. UHF is an awesomely fantastic movie and I really wish we could’ve gotten more crazy stuff like that from good old “Weird” Al.

  2. I’m interested to hear your guys’ opinions on UHF. I love Weird Al and I’ve heard of the movie, but I’ve never known if it was worth watching and was too lazy to really look into it.

    1. It is totally worth watching. Goofy as fuck and filled with a ton of references – and not just the references but real, honest to god jokes about them.

  3. Conan the Librarian makes me laugh to this very day. I’m not even kidding. Every time I see that part I laugh.

    Now, who wants to drink from the firehose??

  4. Cool of you to mention The Wrong Guy. As a Canadian, I got to watch it on a movie channel not too long after it came out. I only recently remembered it and went back to watch it. It’s full of iconic Canadian actors (comedians like Joe Flaherty (of SCTV) and character actors like Colm Feore (the real killer in the movie)).

    It’s basically halfway between a regular comedy and an Airplane-style farce, full of bizarre characters and scenarios, but not resorting to cheap gaps or pop culture references.

  5. you did a great job with this one, dave. I’m surprised chris never got around to watching bottom since he likes the young ones alot, it’s alot more slap stick almost like a live action loony tunes, if daffy and buggs lived together and are woman repellent. they also did a movie together called hotel paridiso which is a bizzar and very 90’s british movie.

  6. this episode was filled with so many movies I’ve never seen and only heard of. very cool to see Dave at the helm. you guys have been to hell and back by the sounds of some of those movies. Also, I would NOT consider LaserTime a failed comedic vehicle. not one iota. Im waiting formthe day when one of you gets bold enough to launch a stand up carreer.

  7. The Pick of Destiny should have been a hit. not exactly in line with the topic, but close enough. I remember seeing that flick in theatre (or as Reparaz says, Thay-a-ter), and the only other people were a group of young girls, who audibly didn’t understand the Dio jokes. stupid film, but a lot of fun. should have been huge. at least the soundtrack lives on.

  8. On the Weird Al note … I was lucky enough to see him a few days ago during his “Mandatory Tour.” I had never seen him in person before because regretfully, I only started really paying attention to him in my mid-20s (honestly, I’m not sure how that happened). My conclusion is this: if you like Weird Al, you’ve GOT to see a concert if you get a chance. The music is great, but the physicality is just as impressive. At 55, the guy can still leg kick waaaay over his head while singing Gump.

    Here’s the question: what’s the better programming on UHF … Wheel of Fish or Raul’s Wild Kingdom?

  9. Hope John Legazamo in the Pest gets a mention or Matt Stone and Trey Parker in Orgazmo and Basketball!

    1. I don’t think Stone and Parker count… they were able to go on and bring us Team America World Police, whose existence is still amazing.

      1. Your right! Forgot that was them; well I love Orgazmo and Basketball, I think since both films failed to light the comedy world on fire, they decided to give up being in front of the camera and go behind it. Have not seen Canibal the musical yet but everyone loves it. Scream Factory needs to get on it and release a worthy bluray of it. Cant belive I dropped the ball on this one guys, Team America may be one the funniest films I have ever seen opening day! “Mat Damon!”

  10. You guys brought up Undercover Brother, and I don’t know if this is something to be ashamed or proud of, but my first ever screen credit was in that movie. I saw it in the theater and actually waited until the absolute end just to see it. It felt awesome at the time. Movie sucks though.

    1. It does not! Undercover Brother is a very underrated comedy that did half of what Black Dynamite did before they did it.

  11. On the subject of Crocodile Dundee 3, the How Did This Get Made on it is one of the more fascinating episodes because it features ESPN fantasy football guru Matthew Berry, who also happens to be the writer of Crocodile Dundee 3. Berry knows this movie is hot garbage and always has, but what really makes it interesting is that Paul Hogan attempted to steal writing credit from Berry, so Berry, even though he knows it’s bad and isn’t proud of it, had to go to Writer’s Guild arbitration against Paul Hogan to have himself declared the writer in order to be paid properly.

    It’s a good story and includes other anecdotes about working with Paul Hogan.

    1. Comedic vehicle for who? Jordan? I don’t think he has one joke. It is a passion project.
      And I guess the Looney Toons have never recovered for this, so actually yup, totally valid.
      Except, Lebron will probably be in Space Jam 2 because he didn’t suck in Trainwreck.

  12. Gotta say first that I usually give movies way too much leeway, but I’m thrilled to hear The Wrong Guy and Dirty Work (the latter being some great performances by Chris Farley and Chevy Chase.)
    Also, no one listens to me about it, but I still laugh my ass off every time I watch Postal. It’s ridiculous and doesn’t always make sense, but Foley was still great in it as was the red head brother from the Titus show

  13. Okay. just so you know, Taxi is, without a doubt, one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. Absolutely excruciating.

    As for Melissa McCarthy – she has proven more than capable as a dramatic actress in movies like St. Vincent and in a small role in This is 40. I can’t speak for Tammy, but Spy might just be my favorite movie so far this year. The movie is jaw-dropping hilarious right from the start, and while the entire cast is funny, Jason Statham is actually the real scene stealer. He thinks he is the world’s greatest spy and supreme bad ass, but he is actually an insane idiot constantly on the verge of ruining everything. He is freaking hysterical.

  14. Whoo, I’m finally caught up on all the Laser Time content after being out of the country for a few weeks. I, for one, will defend ‘Grandma’s Boy’ as being quite a good movie. Sure, it’s portrayal of videogames is…not super accurate, but you get great performances from the whole cast (including Linda Cardellini and Kevin Nealon!), and quite a lot of quotable dialogue.

  15. This was a really fun episode! But another example came to mind after listening, a film that I hear was awful and no one should be blamed for forgetting: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane starring Andrew Dice Clay. I’ve never seen it but I’ve heard it’s pretty not good. Has anyone seen Ford Fairlane and can comment on it?

  16. You could do another episode just like this on Failed TV Comedic Vehicles. Does anyone remember the sitcom starring Eric Idle as a ghost, NEARLY DEPARTED? It lasted one month.

    1. oh, that’d be great. you can’t forget ¡Rob!, starring Rob Schneider, where he marries a Mexican woman and ~hilarity ensues~!

  17. Oh God, Master of Disguise. I made my mom rent that movie from Blockbuster when I was 11 or 12 and thought that it was one of the funniest movies ever. I must have watched it at least 3 or 4 times during the 5 day rental period that we had it. Apparently as a kid I thought funny voices and corny jokes were the pinnacle of comedy.

    On a happier note, I was glad to hear Hot Rod get a mention. I would definitely suggest going back and visiting it if you get a chance- it is probably in my top 3 favorite movies of all time. I’m a sucker for Andy Samberg’s style of comedy, so for me every joke in that movie is pure gold. I also love how it twists the old “one big event will save our dad/town/ski resort’ trope- instead of wanting to save his stepdad because it’s the right thing to do, Rod is determined to save him so he can beat the shit out of him and earn his respect before he dies. For me, Hot Rod is comedy perfection.

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