The Flash Season 2 Previews 2 New Flash Outfits


One of DC’s best ever adaptations is speeding up the reveals towards the next season…

Henry here once again. I’m host of Cape Crisis, part of the Laser Time Patreon, and someone who can admit they’re wrong (eventually). On my comic book podcast, people kept telling me to watch The Flash series from last season, and I was all, “yeah, yeah, I got burned by Smallville and Gotham. I ain’t falling for that again.” But after continually prodding from some smart members of the audience, finally gave the show a try and got hooked almost instantly. So yeah, I’m sorry it took me so long to listen. And I won’t be as late to the party when the next season begins.

Unlike the dour films or the TV shows that take a decade showing the origins of famous heroes, The Flash is a full-on super show. The Arrow spin-off has costumes and code names, secret identities and super science, and even the inklings of parallel timelines and universes, core to the DC Universe. The first season ended with hints toward introducing Jay Garrick, the first comic book Flash from the ’40s, which seemed like a nod to the iconic Flash of Two Worlds issue that established the idea of DC’s multiple Earths. Well, the producers are done beating around the bush, because the first shot of Jay – along with Barry’s updated costume – is a full-on remake of that cover. Take a look!


Damn, that’s promising, as is news that Wally West will soon be joining the show as well. Here’s hoping the next season can keep this forward momentum going, because I’ve really come to love it, especially because it captures both the tension and the reverence for the material found in Geoff Johns’ years of great work on the Flash’s solo books. And no matter how much I may rag on the Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League work, I know I’ll always have this little corner of DC bliss when I’m feeling overwhelmed by grimdark brooding.

Before you go, be sure to check out a few little glimpses of the Flash in this trailer for CW’s fall lineup. Warning: If you’re like me, you’ll feel woefully out of touch with how few non-DC actors you fail to recognize in the video. I mean, seriously, what even is The Vampire Diaries?

All that aside, what do you all think of how the Flashes are looking this time around?

7 thoughts on “The Flash Season 2 Previews 2 New Flash Outfits

  1. Now can we just get the body switching episode of the Justice League remade as well? My favorite Flash moment ever remains Lex Luthor ripping the mask off after the body switch, staring into the mirror and saying “I have no idea who this is”.

  2. Seriously Henry, get into Arrow too. The first season is actually good for the first half and great for the second half (from episode 12/13 onwards), and that first half still has episodes devoted to Deadshot, Huntress, Count Vertigo and Firefly, not to mention frequent appearances by the Dark Archer who’s the big bad of the season. It all builds to a superb finale and Season 2 is as good as the Flash Season 1. Season 3 isn’t quite as good, but it’s still Arrow Vs Ra’s Al Ghul with regular Flash appearances.

    And in Season 4 he becomes Green Arrow and Matt Ryan’s Constantine’s in it. That enough yet?

    1. Yeah Season 3 wasn’t the best. I feel like once Arrow was compared week to week next to Flash, the tone of the show just got too “DC MOVIES” dark. If rumors of the next season lightening up are true, hopefully season 4 of Arrow is more fun.

  3. Agreed with everything you said. Arrow had two great seasons, but the previous season felt a little boring and stale. Hopefully it goes back to normal for season 4. Plus Henry, you’re going to need to watch both Flash and Arrow for DC Legends of Tomorrow.

    Also, while it’s Vertigo and not DC, iZombie is really great too. I’m shocked that a lot of the series I watch are on the CW, after years of not watching anything on the CW.

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