The Hateful Eight Trailer Gives First Real Look At Tarantino’s Next Film


Tarantino + Westerns + a brilliant cast + snow + Ennio Morricone + 70mm = Possible Perfection…

I, Henry Gilbert, love hosting Cape Crisis, part of the Laser Time Patreon, but I’d just as happily host a weekly podcast discussing how much I love Quentin Tarantino’s films. The hyperactive, film-obsessed, genius of scripting and directing is the most beloved son of ’90s film nerds everywhere, and I he continues to make great films as everyone else in his generation heads to premium TV or squander their talents at unappreciative studios. A new QT film is an event to be celebrated, especially if it’s one that took as long to craft as The Hateful Eight. Take a gander at its first trailer and weep that it isn’t already Christmas Day.

I said GOD DAMN, is that a good looking trailer. The characters’ facial hair has more thought put into them than most film’s do their entire scripts! The Hateful Eight brings together some of Taratino’s favorites, both new and old, all into a locked room mystery that I think will facilitate heated discussions, surly soliloquies, and a few characters dying with unexpected speed. You’ve got QT regulars like Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen there – fun fact: Tarantino is the only director who knows how to get good work out of Madsen.

Then there are more recent members of Quentin’s army of actors, Kurt Russell and Walton Goggins, and as a fan of The Shield, I couldn’t be more excited to see Walton get a chance to shine. There’s also Jennifer Jason Leigh, ’80s icon who I honestly thought had retired from films, yet here she is handcuffed to Russel. And I’m also stoked to see what Tarantino can get out of such an established force as Bruce Dern.

Additionally, while this is already retro enough as a modern, widely released Western, the film is even more pleasingly retro for film nerds like myself. Ennio Morricone is wrote an original soundtrack for the film, his first western in four decades. If you don’t know, Morricone is the living legend behind the unforgettable soundtracks to Sergio Leone’s many Spaghetti Westerns, along with dozens of other soundtracks. Tarantino has reused so many of Ennio’s songs to great effect over the years, and now the two are collaborating on something new for the first time ever. In case you need reminding of how well they work together, here’s a classic scene set to Morricone’s music.

Lastly, in an age when every filmmaker is going digital, Hateful Eight was created on 70mm film and participating theaters will show it in that classic aspect ratio. I leave in the Bay Area, so I think there’s a good chance San Francisco will be showing it that way, but I wonder how easy it’ll be to find elsewhere in the US, or abroad for that matter. I know I’ll be sad if I have to see it the first time in anything less than 70mm.

So, I’m dying to know what all of you think of the trailer. Are you as excited as I am? Or am I just a fanboy, gushing about an average looking trailer? I want to know, so clear this up for me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “The Hateful Eight Trailer Gives First Real Look At Tarantino’s Next Film

  1. So I actually read the screenplay when it leaked last year. I must say, the film looks exactly the way I pictured it in my head. I think that’s a testament to Tarantino’s masterful writing and his creative power to make the movie he imagined.

    The only thing I wasn’t expecting to see was the flamboyant costumes and facial hair. But given that the movie is paced more like a stage play with limited sets, I think memorable, outlandish costumes makes sense.

  2. Looks really great, also because I work somewhere awesome, I just saw it on a giant screen via Laser Projector. Talk all you want about 70mm, but Laser Projectors make everything look really damn good.
    Now I am just crossing my fingers for a King Schultz or Django cameo.
    Also, can I get the five hour director’s cut of Django that is supposed to be out there somewhere?

  3. Kurt Russel is one the most underrated actors in Hollywood and is truly one of a kind! Cant wait to see this film and glad he is working again!

  4. oh my, YES!
    wait… is the hateful eight what comes after the magnificent seven?
    I mean… not actually or canonically… I mean just… ehhh forget I even said it.

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