Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Every Ranger Ranked From Worst To Best!


With Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer, we’re counting down all 10 members of the original squad back when they weren’t reincarnated ninjas or space cops. IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!

Over the last few months, we’ve really explored our fandom for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers here at Laser Time. We recently recorded an episode of our eponymous podcast discussing the original show and its biggest rip-offs (listen to Power Rangers Rip-offs) and later this month we’re doing a live commentary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Why all the hubbub? Because 2015 is an important year for MMPR; in addition to the aforementioned movie, it was the end of the three-year run of the original program, as the lack of new action footage from Japan’s Sentai program forced the American producers to change the direction of the show to match what was being broadcast overseas. While Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo weren’t drastic departures, it wasn’t long before the story of Angel Grove High School’s greatest superheroes morphed into strange stories of space police and samurai warriors. Also, there was no more Bulk and Skull, so who gives a shit about the world anymore?

Comedic geniuses
Comedic geniuses

To celebrate the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, we’re counting down the 10 members of the squad who fought Rita Replusa and Lord Zedd while maintaining their GPA at Angel Grove High. It’s ranking time!

10 – Kat (Pink Ranger)

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are like a corporation. If you’re the last in, you’re the first out. I honestly can’t remember all that much about Kat besides the fact that she was Australian. While I wouldn’t be surprised if people dressed in spandex actually fought mutants in the Outback, Kat was just too unassuming to stand out among the Rangers. It definitely didn’t help that Kat replaced Kimberly, who perhaps the most-loved Ranger of all and the original Pink Ranger. /hearteyesemojii

9 – Rocky (Red Ranger)

Rocky’s entire tenure as a Power Ranger was pretty uneventful, but his start and end speak volumes. He replaced Jason, who was the leader of the Power Rangers at one point (and would be again any time Tommy wasn’t around), but was immediately the third or fourth most important member when compared to his contemporaries. Then his character gets injured in the second Power Rangers movie and is replaced by a 12-year-old. True to his name, this guy’s tenure as a Ranger sure was Rocky.

8 – Aisha (Yellow Ranger)

Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were blatantly substituted into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show when three of the original cast members had a contract dispute, but it was never more obvious that scripts were left untouched than when Aisha had a story. Trini USED to be Kimberly’s best friend before she went to Switzerland, so now this lesson about friendship is brought to you by new besties Aisha and Kim! She also didn’t stick around long as a Ranger, so her legacy is a bit lacking.

7 – Zack (Black Ranger)

Some people just don’t have good luck as Power Rangers. Zack is one of them. When the show started, you couldn’t have a conversation about the series without hearing “Black Ranger” jokes. That was a shame because Zack definitely had the charisma, charm, and athleticism to be a standout Ranger. Unfortunately, he was immediately overshadowed by braniac Billy and team leader Jason. He didn’t have the staying power of the original Blue Ranger and wasn’t big enough to make a splashy return like the original Red Ranger. While the actor who played Zack (Walter Emanuel Jones) did return to the Power Rangers series, it was merely as a voice of a villain in an episode where pretty much everyone who donned the mask of the Red Ranger got to make a grandiose return.

6 – Adam (Black Ranger)

Adam was a dependable (if unexciting) Ranger. Like Aisha, his early exploits were a bit underwhelming due to a lack of direction for his character (likely because most of his stories were copy/pasted plots meant for another character, too), but Adam stuck it out and eventually climbed the ranks through various iterations. Even if his time among the original MMPR crew was understated, he stuck around far longer than the other two replacement Rangers and eventually became a mentor for future Rangers during his many cameos (it helps that Johnny Yong Bosch stays active as a voice-over actor for many anime shows put together by teams close to Power Rangers productions).

Where do Tommy, Kimberly, and Jason rank? Click over to the next page to find out!

18 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Every Ranger Ranked From Worst To Best!

  1. Tommy? he was the worst of course the White Ranger is the most powerful AMIRIGHT! But really his faux Liu Kang noises were lame and Billy was the #1 seed in regards to the dudes he was smart and a sweetheart. As a tomboy I loved Kimberly she is easily the best IMO her scene in Power Rangers 2 Turbo was the exact moment little kid me realized I’d might be gay. https://youtu.be/bBzNyTVhv3w?t=3m25s

      1. I disagree, I’m pretty sure that Jessica Rabbit gave me my first boner and I was pretty young as well as still not fully understanding what sex was.

  2. Is it racist that I though Zack was Wayne Brady? I was oddly big on the Underwater Power Rangers that existed for awhile post 1st movie rangers

    1. Yeah, for the longest time I thought he was Wayne Brady too. Although, at least I already know I’m a racist (for instance, until recently I always thought Bob Mackey (of “Wow, a” fame) and Dave Rudden were the same person)

  3. I would have put Adam a little higher on the list but I defentaly agree that Tommy is the best. I’ve also met JDF a few times and he’s always a blast to talk to.

  4. Awesome list! I am a huge Power Rangers fan and love seeing them get some love on Laser Time. Can’t wait for the Monday Night Movie commentary of MMPR The Movie.

  5. Agree 100%, not just with the number 1, with all of the list… man i have good memories of the original power rangers

  6. This article is well researched and filled sound logic as always Dave. Thank you.

    (This is not an ironic comment)

  7. If we looked at real life, then the one and two spots would probably go to Billy (for putting up with all that shit) and Jason, who in real life is a paramedic, so he’s probably saved more lives than any other Power Ranger. My brother actually volunteers as an EMT and was stationed in the same area as the guy who plays Jason for a few years.

  8. No argument here on the list order. I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched Power Rangers way longer than I should have lol. So much nostalgia.

  9. The best ranger was Jason red no doubt! Give zack black a break he was a power house.. kat was annoying.. aisha yellow was a good ranger but should of ben a zeo ranger.

  10. The best ranger was Jason red no doubt! Give zack black a break he was a power house.. kat was annoying.. aisha yellow was a good ranger but should of ben a zeo ranger.

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