Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Every Ranger Ranked From Worst To Best!


5 – Trini (Yellow Ranger)

Here’s a bit of sad trivia for you; Thuy Trang, who played Trini on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is currently the only person who played a Power Ranger who is no longer living. Yep, the original Yellow Ranger died at the age of 29 due to a car accident in 2001. Like Zack, she was overshadowed by her contemporaries (it’s impossible to be on a show with Amy Jo Johnson and command more attention) and was the butt of jokes about Ranger uniform colors. However, she did serve as a nice middle ground between the dumb jocks (Zack, Jason, Kimberly) and the big nerd (Billy) of the original squad. You would think Zordon or Alpha-5 would do something of use and translate Billy’s techno-babble, but Trini was the one who explained to the team (and the audience) what was really going down.

4 – Jason (Red Ranger)

Jason’s early tenure as a Power Ranger was a little uneven. You know how sometimes you’ll see a perfectly capable worker get promoted but just completely blow it as a boss? That was Jason’s early days as a Ranger. Despite being called the leader of the Rangers, he really didn’t have the charisma to pull it off, so once Tommy joined the gang, he was playing second fiddle. However, during the post-Green, pre-White Ranger era, Jason was able to take the reins of the group more firmly than he had before, and has since made many returns despite leaving the show with two other actors who never again wore the costume of a Ranger. Any time he’s on a Tommy-less team, Jason really shines.

3 – Billy (Blue Ranger)

If this ranking was determined by personal resolve in real life, then actor David Yost would probably be deserving of the top spot due to the tribulations he had to undergo while playing Billy. Frequently criticized by producers and crew because of his sexuality, Yost was still able to forge a memorable character with Billy. The concept of teenagers turning into costumed character fighters who can pilot mechs is a bit of a technical stretch, so having a braniac on the squad (a Donatello, if you will) was a must, and Yost fit the bill(y) well. Billy actually outlasted everyone else from the original episode as a Power Ranger and stuck around as an advisor even longer, always adding some much-needed cred to explain why an ice cream monster or giant eyeball was attacking a small Californian city.

2 – Kimberly (Pink Ranger)


In the real world, Amy Jo Johnson found the perfect mixture of making the best of her time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while also forging her own career outside of karate fighting thanks to roles on other shows like Felicity. The original Pink Ranger always commanded attention, whether it was on the battlefield with her culotte-adorned uniform, at Angel Grove where she romanced Tommy, or when she took the form of the only flying Megazord in the form of the Pterodactyl. She was second only to Billy in terms of original uninterrupted tenure, but seeing as how Kimberly’s outgoing style always put the Pink Ranger at the center the action, she definitely capitalized on every moment she was a ranger. /hearteyesemojii

1 – Tommy (Green Ranger)

Outside of Power Rangers, one could argue that the religious MMA guy who won’t stop challenging CM Punk to a fight might not be the “best” of anything. However, in the world of Power Rangers, Tommy is pretty much Jesus. Originally devised as an evil Ranger meant to destory the original quintet (thanks to his giant Dragonzord which could topple the combined Megazord of the other five Power Rangers all on its own), he turned to the side of good and led the team (while charming Kimberly), only to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave the team when some candle burned out or something. However, that only made his return as the White Ranger all the more exciting as he led the team once more with another giant robot dinosaur that dwarfed the combined creation of the rest of the team. He’s also made many returns to the Power Rangers universe; sometimes as a cameo, sometimes as a full-fledged leader for multiple seasons, and there’s a case to be made that the character of Tommy kept the show on the air for decades. If that’s not a mark of a true leader, I don’t know what is.

What do you think of this list? Which Rangers did you think were the best of the original crew? Sound off below!

18 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Every Ranger Ranked From Worst To Best!

  1. Tommy? he was the worst of course the White Ranger is the most powerful AMIRIGHT! But really his faux Liu Kang noises were lame and Billy was the #1 seed in regards to the dudes he was smart and a sweetheart. As a tomboy I loved Kimberly she is easily the best IMO her scene in Power Rangers 2 Turbo was the exact moment little kid me realized I’d might be gay. https://youtu.be/bBzNyTVhv3w?t=3m25s

      1. I disagree, I’m pretty sure that Jessica Rabbit gave me my first boner and I was pretty young as well as still not fully understanding what sex was.

  2. Is it racist that I though Zack was Wayne Brady? I was oddly big on the Underwater Power Rangers that existed for awhile post 1st movie rangers

    1. Yeah, for the longest time I thought he was Wayne Brady too. Although, at least I already know I’m a racist (for instance, until recently I always thought Bob Mackey (of “Wow, a” fame) and Dave Rudden were the same person)

  3. Awesome list! I am a huge Power Rangers fan and love seeing them get some love on Laser Time. Can’t wait for the Monday Night Movie commentary of MMPR The Movie.

  4. Agree 100%, not just with the number 1, with all of the list… man i have good memories of the original power rangers

  5. This article is well researched and filled sound logic as always Dave. Thank you.

    (This is not an ironic comment)

  6. If we looked at real life, then the one and two spots would probably go to Billy (for putting up with all that shit) and Jason, who in real life is a paramedic, so he’s probably saved more lives than any other Power Ranger. My brother actually volunteers as an EMT and was stationed in the same area as the guy who plays Jason for a few years.

  7. No argument here on the list order. I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched Power Rangers way longer than I should have lol. So much nostalgia.

  8. The best ranger was Jason red no doubt! Give zack black a break he was a power house.. kat was annoying.. aisha yellow was a good ranger but should of ben a zeo ranger.

  9. The best ranger was Jason red no doubt! Give zack black a break he was a power house.. kat was annoying.. aisha yellow was a good ranger but should of ben a zeo ranger.

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